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Friday, December 01, 2006

Busy, busy kids

Tonight we had a school function. It wasn't your typical carnival or parade, it was a sports kind of night for the elementary students. It was insane! My son was bummed because he didn't bring his swimsuit and none of his friends were there, but he did end up making friends at the very end.

They had cookies and pie, popcorn and drinks, and other fattening goodies. It blew my low carb diet out the window! I had a piece of strawberry cream cheese pie and some oatmeal cookies as well as some popcorn. My son had chcolate chip cookies and popcorn. I even recieved the wrong change when ordering, but I didn't say anything because it went to the PTA.

So I watched my son run back and forth with a bunch of kids for two hours.

Was it fun? I guess. There wasn't much for the parents to do and no place to sit or put our things. I believe the idea was to get the parents to play basketball and volleyball with the kids. I am so not a sports person and my son knows it. He wouldn't admit it, but I'm sure he was saving me grace by not asking me to go out there and play.

Would I do it again? Yes, I'd anything for my son.
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