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Saturday, December 02, 2006

eBay Woes

So someone hacked into my eBay account. At first I thought the messages I received from users were people trying to hack in so I was deleting them. Then I logged in to make sure. The criminal who hacked in had listed over $300,000 worth of auctions! My fee was somewhere around $3068.00!

I immediately contacted eBay through their live help system. The guy on the other end gave me suggestions on things I had already done such as changing my password and username, etc. Easy enough. He said the listings were removed and I wouldn't be charged. Great! All easy to take care of.


The next month I found out eBay had tried to charge my bank $3,068.00. I do not keep my money in the checking account for this very reason. I immediately contacted eBay through their live help. The representative said all the charges were reversed and to get my bank fees back I needed to contact the another department. I wasn't concerned about the bank fee at that point because it was only for $25.00 so I thought I'd let it go.

Well a week later, eBay tried it again! I wrote letters to their customer service department this time. The message I received back was "We owe you money, not the other way around. Go to this link and request a payment for the amount and we'll give it to you."


I looked at their account balance. The representative had reversed all the charges. eBay's billing said I owed them $3,068.00 but the account balance claimed to owe me the same amount. I guess their accounting system and customer accounts are obviously not on the same page.

A few days later the bank calls me and asks about eBay trying to charge $2,440.00 to my credit card. I said I did not charge that amount and the bank helped me cancel the card. I then looked at my eBay account status and eBay now says I owe them $50.00 for the "bounced check fee" and for the "late payment fee".

Holy cow.

The $3,068.00 canceled itself because when the amount was "returned" to the eBay account it canceled the old amount.

What a joke.

So, I am now waiting online for eBay's live help. They are going to refund my money and take that amount off. They told me it was a 37 minute wait. I've been on for 30 minutes. We'll see.

I can tell you that after this nightmare I am going to file criminal charges and get my money back no matter how long it takes.
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