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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

From nude airport x-rays to children arrested for Christmas searching

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of James Kim.

Is that a hand gun or are you just happy to see me?
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The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has a new X-Ray machine that can show some very revealing images. The machine reminds me of the one on Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rachel Ticotin. I’ll be honest with you, I think I’d rather not step through that machine because I’m just so out of shape. I wouldn’t mind watching someone like Arnold going through it though.

They say the x-ray will be removed once the person walks through the machine and the genitals will possibly be blurred. What fun is that?

Can I Do This To My Kids?
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A woman had her son arrested for snooping and playing with his Christmas present at his grandmother’s house. It seems the month before he took a swing at an officer and is facing expulsion from school because of the issue.

She said she did it to teach him a lesson and scare him straight. I don’t think he’s really scared of police officers.

Bill Gates, Failed Predictions, and Buggy Software
Where Do You Want To Go Today?
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In 2004 Bill Gates claimed that SPAM would be gone by 2006. It seems that the issue is getting worse and is confirmed by this NY Times article. Could it just be that the quality of that statement reflects the quality of Windows in general? Hmmmm… Maybe he should stop predicting things or stop making software. My favorite comment is how the Microsoft engineers are outrunning the hackers. I could go on, but I better not.

More Stupid Criminal Acts
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Yesterday we had the woman throw something out the window near the white and today we have criminals using their own crime photos on the web and getting caught. Are these people trying to get arrested or make a statement? I mean, crime is stupid so maybe it just falls into place.

Were we just threatened?
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Read this page several times. Since when do you threaten a country with God’s wrath and then tell people you’ll have a big nuclear celebration in the next year? Those are two subjects that should never be used together.

Review for Today

National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage

How I love Nicholas Cage. He's adorable and with the exception of one movie, he's fun to watch. Now how excited was I to learn that we could do politics, treasure hunting, and Nicholas Cage in one movie?


National Treasure is a movie that will keep you guessing and wondering. You feel like you're holding your breath for the good guy because of the circumstances surrounding the impossilbe. Yes, what he did I really feel would be impossible, but that is what I watch movies for. I love to see people do the impossible.

He searches for a family treasure that has been hidden away for a very long time and needs to steal some very important documents from a historical building to get the map. Would you be able to steal the Constitution?

The graphics were great and the abundance of shimmering gold was dizzying. The quest was fun and the actor was hot. What more could you ask for? Okay, Gabriel Byrne would have made a nice addition, but I forgive the producer just this once. :-)

Get it at iTunes:

National Treasure
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