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Friday, December 08, 2006

From Police Elves to Britney's Kiss of Death

Merry Christmas Speeders! You’ve been caught by an elf!

Orange County is trying different ways to stop speeders and it might not be completely legal. There are police officers dressed as elves taking pictures of speeders. Now, I believe that it is illegal for a police officer to hide his car to catch a speeder. I don’t know the exact law on this, but it’s one reason why you might see them waiting for you. I don’t believe people will know this is a police officer and Orange County just might be looking at more fees for court than collecting on fines.

Kiss of Death for Both?

Camille Paglia says Madonna gave Britney the “kiss of death”. To be honest, I think both of their lifestyles and the choices they have made have given them the troubles they have. When Madonna’s popularity rose, she was a bit older than Britney, I believe. If not, then the way she handled her problems made her seem older. Britney has always been this little girl trying to break free from the immature mold that has a grip on her life. She tried it with marriage and by having babies. Honey, if you aren’t old enough to keep your clothes on in a bar, then you’re not old enough to have kids.

Which brings me to:
Ewww…Crotch Shots?

That’s just nasty. Parents! Hello! Are you listening?? Do you really want your daughters looking up to these people? Do you want your sons to think this is respect? Put your foot down and say no! Stop buying their crap.

Well, I’m Bummed-Snipes was One of My Favorites,0,2744573.story?coll=orl-home-headlines

I adore Wesley Snipes. He’s a sexy guy with lots of talent and great at martial arts. Why in the world do people who have everything screw up like this?

Someone please call in the editor on this article! It would be “a Jones High School graduate” not “an Jones High School Graduate”.

Should We All Be Taking Postassium?

This is scary stuff! If someone can just sneak the stuff into a dining room, then where else can it go? I’d love to see the end of this mess and find out where it came from. I hope those people aren’t here in the US because we’d really have to nail their hands to the wall.

GOOD – Put the Skanks Away

There is one thing I like less than scrubbing the dirty toilet after my son had the flue coming out both ends and that’s a child molester. Any way we can get these creeps in jail faster is fine with me. Throw away the key, too.

Another scumbag locked away!

And people wonder why they get fired for blogging…,,70131-13555859,00.html?f=rss

Whatever happened to privacy? Well, when you’re wasted at a party there is no privacy! Digital cameras are everywhere and no matter what, you’re probably going to be the victim of some jerk taking a picture of you somewhere.

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