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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Has Your Swiffer Sweeper Ever Melted in the Furnace?

A few days before Thanksgiving my adorable child accidentally dropped the Swiffer Carpet Flick in the furnace vent. At first it was okay because the darn thing was stuck on a pole. Unfortunately, it was halfway down with no way to pull it up.

Fast forward a few days later—we begin to smell this melting plastic aroma. What a pleasant thing to wake up to! I look down the over-sized vent and see the Sweeper melted to the top of a metal plate in the furnace.

Besides several choice words that flew out of my mouth at that moment, I also shook my oldest son awake and told him to help. Goodness, he has to help with something, right? So he goes down into the basement and unscrews the vent to the furnace where the Sweeper has fallen and realizes it’s stuck. We had to turn on the furnace to melt it again in order to lift it!

From there we tied a rope to the crafty little broom and because it is too big and melted to fit through the middle of the vent where it was originally stuck because of a so-called protection pole, it is hanging by a rope tied to the extra large vent in my son’s room.

Do we dare turn the furnace on? NO. We have to go buy a saw to cut the broom in half to fit through the little vent in the basement.

Kids can be such an adventure!

So what do I think of this gadget? It’s nice for immediate jobs on small carpets. There is no sucking action so it doesn’t get all the dirt out, but it does do emergency jobs. We bought it for a cheap carpet that I refused to run the vacuum cleaner over because the darn carpet destroy three vacuums of mine because of loose running threads.
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