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Monday, December 04, 2006

Pornaments, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Wiccan Symbols

Ah...Monday morning and it's snowing. Fortunately, the snow is light and not sticky. Traffic was easy to get through. Shoveling will be nice and simple. Let's hope it stays this way throughout the week. I suppose when it rains on Friday then we'll be in for a nice day of slush and goo.

Dinner Talk With Unintelligent People
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Gwenyth Paltrow has recently told the Portuguese magazine "NS" that dining with the British is far more interesting than dining with Americans because all we talk about is money and work. Hmmm...let's see Ms. Paltrow, the conversation at dinner is what you make of it. If you're stuck in the middle of a conversation that you do not like then learn how to twist the conversation to something you wish to talk about. That is the intelligent thing to do. Then again, you have said we are not as intelligent as your new British friends so I guess that must not work...or have you even tried it?

Missouri Storm
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Our hearts go out to those in Missouri today. The storm will pass and life will carry on. We pray for your safety and warmth.

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Florida is certainly in the Christmas spirit this year. Several stores around the area are selling naughty tree ornaments called "Pornaments." Now this might offend some, but I find extremely creative. The elves look rather small so maybe to be so offensive they're well-endowed.

From The Man Who Invented The Internet
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Perhaps Al Gore invented global warming, too. Okay, bad joke, but I find it frightening that a company in Scotland has offered a ticket to every school child in Scotland to see Al's recent attempt at frightening people. Personally, I haven't seen the movie so I really cannot comment on the content, but taken from the man who told us he invented the Internet and believes the people should be treated equally but is said to be a slumlord (, I'd wonder about such things. I sure hope he relays both sides of the global warming story and not just his personal vendetta against the oil companies. Then again, doesn't he own quite a bit of oil stock?

So It's Not Just For Satanic Rock Stars and Horror Flicks
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Many people fear the Wiccan symbol of the pentagram because it is always portrayed as a symbol of the devil. Personally, I don't have a problem with people doing whatever religion they want as long as it does not take the lives of animals or people or practice inhumane and unsanitary conditions that can spread disease.

What I will find amusing about this whole pentagram issue are the people who do not know it doesn't stand for killing and devil worshiping. I'm sure it will cause a number of riots and issues among those who feel their religion should be the only religion.

Just a quick note: Symbols have been around forever. Their meanings are twisted with whatever value the next person or fanatic has to label it with. All one needs to do is place symbol in an area where people can see it with either a plethora of words or other symbols and people will create a story around the meaning of the symbol.

Imagine what symbol the Pornaments have!

Product Review
Torani Sugar-Free Hazelnut syrup

This is the first Torani Syrup I've tried and either I didn't put enough in or it just doesn't taste good. Perhaps I do not like the taste of hazelnut in my coffee. I took a very good French Roast from Starbucks and added some of the Torani Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup and a bit of Half-and-Half. Normally, I would add heavy cream instead of the watered down version, but I'm out. It's kind of bitter and has an after taste. It's not so terrible that I will waste a good cup of coffee over, but unless a blogger can convince me to try it another recipe then I'm afraid I will need to waste my hazelnut syrup.
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