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Friday, January 26, 2007

Movie Review: The Net 2.0

Tonight I watched The Net 2.0. Did I enjoy it? Not really.

With the exception of the major mistake in TCP/IP numbers on the original version of The Net with Sandra Bullock, I thought the movie was fun and exciting. Sandra Bullock is certainly not flighty and the movie was unique.

The Net 2.0 wasn't anything like the original. There were no exact details on how the woman's information changed. The plot was kind of corny and she wasn't the geeky type at all. The big screen with all the magical security holes was pretty tacky.

Probably the tackiest part of the whole show was the mistake in the point of view. The whole time "Hope" is telling the story. The big mistake made by the director was allowing the conversation between the security guards in the office. As Hope was telling the story to the so-called doctor, how was she to know these men were having a conversation? I was very surprised to see that mistake.

I give it a D on my movie report card. It certainly wasn't what I expected after watching the original movie "The Net."
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