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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Speaking of Apple

If you use the Mac, and even if you don't, be sure to head over to my Mac blog at

Yeah, it's a strange name, but if you really know your Mac trivia you'll know what moof means.

What was it like working for Apple? Well, let's just say it was more fun than living in a college dorm ;-) Seriously, the people were wonderful, the work was fun, the technology was incredible, and the campus was to die for.

Do I really have only Macs? Well, I did buy this one pc thing at a garage sale for $10.00 so I could do a testing job for a friend. The piece of junk kept losing it's wireless though so I had to put it away. It now sits in the corner of the room sulking and all alone. No one touches it. For the price, it was a very good machine considering what it was. Now it's lonely.

Poor PC. Awww, let's all feel sorry for it. I'm sure it looks up once in a great while and shakes it head and the much faster Intel iMac that shines in all its glory and getting all the attention.

Do yourself a favor and buy a Mac because once you have Mac you'll never go back. Oh, and please don't tell me you hate Macs because if that's the case you probably haven't used one in 20 years and you're comparing it to your new machine. Duh.
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