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Friday, August 03, 2007

Out of it for the past few days

So I've been out of it for the past few days. I guess the dentist I went to in--geesh, I can't remember if she was in Pleasanton or Cupertino--anyway, she left a partial nerve in my root after a root canal. tooth is having major problems and I can't get in until the 15th.

I'm just curious, what is wrong with dentists these days? It's 2007 and they need to get with the program. I mean, why are we still drilling holes in our heads and pulling out bones through our gums? We can perform brain surgery and open heart surgery but we still cannot do a painless root canal.

I figure I'll have to go in soon so I don't get a major sinus or brain infection. Of course I'm not sure if we'll get there right away as my car broke down. Isn't it just one thing after another?

Anyway, back to the dentist. I go in there to get the darn thing pulled or whatever and I proceed to tell him I don't numb. Instead of offering me some other decent solution he says "so what are we going to do if we can't numb you?"

I'm thinking, "How the hell should I know? You're the dentist, not me!"

I start bawling my pretty head off (first time I've ever cried at the dentist) and he just starts blabbing about how he'll have to fill this other cavity and send me to an oral surgeon to get the tooth out.

Hell no! Don't touch my other tooth with that filthy needle!

Does he offer to use nitrous oxide? No. I didn't even know it was an option until someone told me.

Why is it that after all the years I've been to the dentist and I've told them I don't numb, and when they say "oh, it's okay, I'll go slow" like I'm some virgin on a first date they have NEVER offered nitrous oxide or offered to refer me to someone who did?

I found out later the dentist didn't do nitrous. I know other dentists in the office do so why didn't just offer to refer me to someone else?

If you're a dentist out there please realize that not everyone has perfect nerves. When I'm supposedly numbed and the dentist starts drilling I feel like I've placed my lips around a hot phone wire (yeah, I've done that) except unlike accidentally putting the live wire between my lips one, it's like pressing the dang thing in my mouth over and over again. I don't want you to say "raise your hand if it hurts" because I don't want it to hurt at all.

I don't care if you think some people have a higher threshold of pain. It doesn't matter. Maybe their roots don't hurt at all. Mine do. Sometimes when you drill one tooth in my head another one on the other side feels the pain. Yes, that's right--my wires are totally crossed. I had a molar with roots shaped in an L so the dentist couldn't do a root canal. She sent me to a specialist who couldn't even numb me until he drilled a hole into the bone to numb it directly. The day before he sent me home because he couldn't give me anymore novacaine.


I also want to know why the heck doctors will take you into the emergency room and fix you up if you have an infection and then send you the bill whereas a dentist will turn you away if you have an infected tooth but no checkbook with you. They're both deadly yet the teeth never seem that important to anyone.

Come on ADA, come up to 2007 and show us what you're made of. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing doesn't help everyone and you need to realize this one day.
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