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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Problem With Job Hunting

I'm a freelance author and web developer so I do a lot of researching for new markets. What I'm tired of seeing are companies that do not list their information in their posting.

Here's an example from this link:

Because of the copyright terms on craigslist I cannot copy the text for you to view. Please click on the link above.

The problem with this article is the lack of contact information. There are so many people getting spammed and into trouble with illegal jobs because they're just not doing their research.

What you should not do in responding to this article:

  • Do not send your resume
  • Do not send from your personal email account
  • Do not send your private information
  • Do not send your full name

Why? Do you know who you're giving your information to? No, you don't. All you have is a blind email address. What you need to do is create a dummy email at a service such as Yahoo! and respond using this new email address asking for more information about the company, the posters name, etc.

Once you receive this information then do your research. Get the URL and look up the contact information. Do a search on the names given. Call the company and confirm the posting. This is the least you can do to protect yourself!

What can happen if you do not follow the above suggestions?

  • Your email account could be used in harvesting for spam and then you'll never get back again.
  • Your private information could be used in a scam.
  • Some creep could get your home address and harass you.
  • You could be implicated in some crime.
  • You could be subject to credit card or identification fraud.

Protect your identity and do not openly answer blind listings no matter where they're posted or who gives you the information. Do you homework and please your own curiosity for your own safety.
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