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Monday, September 24, 2007

love is in the air...or not

So, I have these two cockatiels that someone gave me and they weren't bonded at all. They actually acted like they hated each other. When cockatiels mate, they mate for life. They love each other and preen each other. They will feed one another and kiss. Mine did none of that. In face, the female hates him.

So, I separated the birds and realized that his cage bars were too small. I moved him back in the cage. Last night I heard some funny noises, turned around, and I was completely embarrassed. They two bonding in the closest way. At least I thought then had bonded.

Nope. She won't let him touch her again. Man, she's just a tease. One minute she lets him touch her and the next she backhands him with her beak. They're the strangest pair of birds I've ever seen.
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