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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cold Cold Winter and Ideas for Warmth

Last year we spent over $2500.00 putting oil in the heater. This year I am not doing the same thing. The whole situation totally depressed me so badly that I seriously hid from others. It was terrible and I'm still digging myself out from under it all.

See, when we moved in the lady who used to own the house told us the girl who lived here before had moved because of how cold it was. The woman said it was warm when she owned it because the siding was all wood and insulated. Then it was sold and the outside redone with siding. I can tell you in some places it looks like the siding is pulling away from the wall. I have to go caulk the windows this week provided I have enough money to do so.

I noticed there is a huge draft where the floor meets the wall. Since I am not a home builder I have no clue why this would happen, but I suppose it is from someone not knowing how to properly lay floor down. On the outside of the house it looks like the bottom of the house has weathered away and some of it splintered. Sigh. I'm so glad I don't own it. I know there is a big leakage of hot air from the roof because of the size of the icicles falling from the roof. There is also a gaping hole where the bats fly in (yes, another issue.) I have mentioned both problems to the owner and I don't get an answer.

So, here I sit. My legs are so cold that my ribs area is shivering. I can stop it with a blanket, which is fine for me but I'm concerned for my kids. Are they warm enough in their rooms?

OMG and another problem that was supposed to have been fixed: we can run two heaters and the microwave at the same time. It's so annoying. It blows out the circuit. There is nothing worse than going into our basement to flip the switch. It's dark, cold, messy, and has lots of spiders. Oh, it also has a possible ghost. Yikes!

Anyway, I don't want to hang the yucky plastic on the inside of the windows this year. I might do the bubble wrap thing if I can get it free around the area. That's kind of ugly though. Maybe I'll do that on the side windows and do the plastic on the other side. It's supposed to work better than plastic though. I have to caulk the outside of the windows. This should be something the landlord does but it doesn't seem that Wisconsin landlords really even give a damn if you're cold. Maybe it's because they grew up here and I didn't.

I would love to raise some money for this whole affair because I'm really broke. Go ahead and visit the site sponsors if you see something you like. Visit the job section if you're looking or buy something. Check through my for sale stuff and see if it's something you like. Anything will help this year.

I'll post pictures of what I decide to do :)
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