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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Forget Your Camping Gear!

You know, sitting here in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin reminds me of when my family used to visit the Sierras. I used to love visiting the cabin and playing in the snow while slamming my sister snowballs. OK, I admit that she used to slam me because she is the older one, but we still had a great deal of fun. Even now my own kids pelt me with snowballs when I walk out the door.

I also remember the days we would go camping at the lake. It would take days to get everything ready and even longer to hunt the stores for the items we needed. Back then there wasn't an online store like Sierra Adventure Gear that sold great items like Maxpedition Gear. We could have planned a whole week ahead and had the delivery shipped within 24 hours. Even better, we wouldn't be late with their 2 and 3 day shipping offers.

I know that being with your family is very important, so why not take a break and plan your trip and be sure to order from Sierra Adventure Gear to make sure you get there on time and with everything you need. Who knows, maybe they'll even ship to your location if it's not in the mountains.

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