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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Helping a Friend

I once had a friend who made me feel really good about myself. My boyfriend and I had just parted and I didn't feel like much of anything. Even worse, it was coming up to "that time of the month" so I was bloated, miserable, and very uncomfortable.

She told me to not worry about the next day. She called me in sick for work and then treated me to a wonderful spa in Marin where I had a massage and a facial. Then we went out to a very nice dinner at Giovanni's and drank enough wine to tumble over to the club next door and just sit back and enjoy the music. I felt great and started dancing right away. It was such a relief and great start to a new beginning.

How can you help a friend? Do the same thing. I wouldn't have enough money to cover all of that right now, but that doesn't mean I couldn't treat my friend to a nice spa and then we could go for a simple dinner and a movie. Drinking doesn't need to be involved and the loud dancing music was just me at the time. Your friend could be a movie person so take her to the movies. Maybe she likes shopping or something else so do that instead.

You're the one who knows your friend the most so take her where she likes to go the best and have a great laugh together. Confidence will grow when the laughter and fun starts. It did with me :)
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