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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Put On My Son's Glasses and I Could See!

I was just fooling around and looking at his really stylish pair of glasses so I put them on and looked at the television in the other room. I think I freaked at that point because I suddenly realized the letters on the television weren't that fuzzy any longer.

Do I need glasses? That is yet to be reviewed by the optometrist, but I certainly can look for frames while waiting for the appointment.

I found a great selection for me at Opitcal4Less. At these low prices I can order at least 4 pairs for each major outfit color I have and for each season. As I'm a handbag and accessory addict I can pick something to match my style for each unique occasion or holiday.

Even better and more fun? They actually have a system that you can try out to see what you look like in the glasses. I really wanted to try their online fitting room but my camera isn't working that great today. I did try to put a picture of my son in to see what it would look like. For his privacy I am not going to add the picture, but I think it's a great tool to work with if you're really into fashion and knowing what you want to look like. It really helps with the buying process.

I think you'll find what you want in eyeglasses at Opitcal4less. When you do, please comment back here. I would love to see a picture of your experiment in the tutorial. Let's have some fun. If you can, copy your picture and put it up on your blog and then send the link in a comment to this post.
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