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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scorpions, Lizards, and Spiders Oh My!

Here I am sitting in the freezing cold (the thermostat says 59) and playing World of Warcraft. I'm in some land called The Shimmering Flats looking for part parts from a rocket car. Why am I up so late doing this? I'll tell you why.

I like working at night. I also like getting my sleep while the kids aren't here. During the day they go to school and I can sleep until 3 and then get up to do chores or start work--whichever comes first. I don't like to wake up at the crack of dawn to get my kids up and out the door so I just stay up. Call me crazy? Nah.

I don't think it's crazy. I work during this time. Since my regular job is from 3 or 6 pm until midnight depending the schedule I can pretty much say goodbye to being able to falling asleep right away. I'm up anyway. I also find that I do my best work during these hours because everyone is in bed.

So what will I be doing besides playing WoW? I'll be typing in posts, doing some phone work, doing some texting and just having fun in the geek world I live in. At the moment while I'm typing this I am raising my experience level by fighting a Sparkleshell Tortoise. I'm almost a level 35 and I need skinning and leather working experience so here I go.

One thing I don't like about working this late is that it is too cold. Being from California I find the weather here bit too frigid for me. It's November and back home it is probably in the 50s or 60s. Here it's 28. Yes, the big TWO EIGHT. It feels like 28 in the house but it's not. I wish it was 80.

So here I will sit. I will go in and do some dishes soon while I wait for the phone to ring. Wish me luck :)
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