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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obama Requires Unborn Children to Sign In for Tours

What? I thought according to pro-choice people the baby in the womb isn't a human being? Why is it the Obama requires unborn children to signup for tours? Hypocrite much?

I guess since he is one of those who voted to kill a baby from a failed abortion that maybe he just thinks it's okay to register them as a visitor because as most communists believe that any person who can't work is still a human, but just isn't worth their time because they can't make money to put into the system.

See, communists and socialists have all of you lazy bums fooled. Those who think they an get a free buck by not working because you want to be a commie and collect money by being lazy don't realize that you're not worth the tax. This is one reason why rationing works so well in a communist and socialist country. But, all of you who want your "fair share" don't realize that the rise to the top is even more difficult than it is in capitalism. Why? Because you are limited to how high you can rise above the rest due to how much you make. If you start making more then cap you.

Don't believe me? Look at the welfare and foodstamp system. If someone goes about their limited income amount the benefit is taken away from them. What happens? Instead of rising above, many people stay in the system and never get out or go back to their humdrum jobs or they find ways to stay in the system like lie, have another child, etc.

So why is it that Obama wants you  to register your unborn baby as a visitor? Is he trying to make prolife people feel welcome? Does he believe the baby is a human yet not viable enough to be completely human? Or is he just using another method of trying to gain voters by pretending to be prolife?

I bet it's the last one.
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