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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Kids Bullying Each Other on Facebook

I was so annoyed. Recently my son was expunged from his little group for some dumb reason or another and then this kid in the group who was his friend decided to start telling him that he was going to kick his ass. Lame. Of course, this is middle school and I remember how 6th and 7th grade were. Everyone fighting everyone.

This kid starts talking about it on Facebook and threatening him out in the open. I called the school and warned them and they said they'd keep an eye out for it. Then it happened. The kid couldn't handle that my son was "dating" (whatever that means when you're 12) his girlfriend and they confronted one another and got into a fight. Dumb.

Both were suspended. My son came home with a couple of fingernail scratches on his face and it seems the other kid is a little worse for wear with a black eye and cheek. He didn't look too good. So what happens? The little brat is STILL sending threats to my son and other kids on facebook. He continues to harass all these kids and bad mouth the girlfriend. My son even admitted to one of the girls that he felt bad for fighting the kid because the kid used to be his best friend. How sad is that for both of them?

I understand that 6th and 7th grade are hormone happy years, but what is wrong with kids that they have to go through such extremes? It was the same when we were all in school as we would all get into arguments and fights all over the place. It's too bad kids can't just grow up emotionally when they're a little younger so all of this can be avoided.
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