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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Latest Adventure

OK, I did it. I signed up for an It Works! package. Why? Because I think I could make a lot of money doing this and after the results I've seen I think I like it. Now, I'm going to totally try out the starter package when it gets here in a few weeks, but damn after seeing the results on people I know, I'm amazed.

I have a few spot areas that I would like to see it cleanse, starting with my gut! Ha! I'm sure so many people would like to do that. I've noticed recently that my pants are just a little bit tighter and it's bugging me big time. Mostly because since I haven't had a car it's just hard to go get groceries so it's easier to order take out. I know, bad. It's all be collecting on my hips, butt, and stomach.

I don't know if I will actually show you what happens (LOL) because I don't want you to see the before pictures. Maybe. I don't know. I will take them and show them privately to people interested in buying the product, but not full blown displayed on the Internet for ever BBW lover to see! That isn't what I need AT ALL. :)

To check it out visit me here.
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