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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sore as Hell Today

So I'm sore as hell today. My son decided to try and push me into a puddle while we were taking a walk in the rain together last night. The puddle was deeper than expected and I slipped and fell. It wasn't fun. So no walk with him this morning to the bus stop, which is a drag because I really enjoy our walks together.

Other than that, the diet is going well I suppose. People say I look thinner, but the scale isn't moving much. My clothes are looser and my face is thinner. I figure it's probably the build of muscle back into my legs that is putting on pounds if I'm getting thinner. I know I sat on my butt for almost 5 years here doing next to nothing but blogging so yeah, my muscles are small and weak. A few months of walking and then weights should take care of that. Swimming will be coming up too, but you won't find me in the pool in front of people until this gut is smaller.

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