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Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Son Brought Home Two Kittens....

My son, who is rarely home, brought home two cute little kittens that I am now forced to feed and get shots for because he has no job and is never here. So when they come it to sleep in my room he gets all bent out of shape. Sorry, if you were here to mommy them then they might be sleeping next to you.

I really miss having a cat. I grew up with cats. My cat that our friends gave me on a road trip to Seattle lived for 20 years. She was an amazing cat and I just couldn't really get close to one after that for a very long time. I still don't think I can, but this one is growing on me. She insists on crawling up on my chest and sitting there while purring away and begging for my attention.

I remember coming home with a dog from the fair. I think we all might have done that once or twice--see someone with a box of kittens or puppies and just take one home. Fortunately, my mom was a good mom and let me keep it and I, against my better judgement, let my son keep the kittens. But no more. He can't bring home anymore.

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