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Sunday, April 09, 2017

When It Rains, It POURS!

If I had been blogging about 2016 then you would have flipped over everything that broke around my house. First my dishwasher broke. That one was easy to figure out. My son was shooting a pellet gun in the house when I wasn't home and one must have went into the dishwasher because it was clogging the overflow above the sink and making the dishwasher not work. That was the easiest appliance to fix last year.

In February or March of 2016 my kitchen sink stopped working completely. It has always had this problem backing up and then a slow drain, but during that month it completely backed up and no one has been able to determine the problem yet. I took it apart and put it back together, but now when ti clogs it sprays water everywhere under my sink. :( My son thinks he knows what it is so he is going to go rent one of those professional augers.

A few months later my oven died. It didn't really die, it just started to smell like gas really bad when we turned it on then it stopped heating. I'm sure it is probably just the burner needing a clean, but I'm deathly afraid of gas. I would much rather use electricity or a BBQ. So we bought one of those ovens that are supposed to be a Nuwave convection oven. No, it was basically a toaster oven with a glass bottom where the convection part of it doesn't really cycle that great so the food turns up cold on the bottom and burnt on the top. It just stopped working a year later. It cooked some things really well and other things not so great so I think it will be a great item to keep if we can just buy the part off Amazon. It was only $50.00.

Then, my dryer died. It no longer heats. Fine. We can hang clothes. I'm California. Then it rains all year long. LOL We used the dryers here in our community. Next, the washer stops agitating. We start using both the washer and dryer at the local laundry room. Yesterday we were able to hookup a new washer and the clothes are drying on the line. I'm hoping to get a new water heater soon or the part the current one needs. One thing at a time, I guess.

So in December, the water heater broke. Yes, the ultimate horror. It stopped heating. The pilot light went out. Kaput! Gone. My son bought a new pilot light which was leaking gas because it was the wrong tube size. So then he bought another part which kept the burner only running at half and the water was luke warm. Still smelled like gas. So we're waiting to buy this other part when I have enough cash. I don't right now. Sponge bathing is not fun. My son bought some 5-gallon buckets and a water warmer and a USB shower head which works great for him. It isn't perfect for me. I boil copious amounts of water and put them in the buckets then use it.

2016 was also a really bad year financially. I lost about $9,000 in business for 4 years totaling about $36,000 for EACH year incrementally. I started looking for jobs. It was awful. These past few months have picket up in affiliate marketing so I'm hoping it's back to business time. With the awful economy caused by an over-regulated market over the past 8 years I'm sure that we can now get back to business since the big boys are in charge again. Yes, the free market. THANK YOU!

Now I'm picking up the pieces and getting back into the swing of my affiliate marketing business. I still haven't chosen one I like. I've tried a few, but I never really liked the products much. They were all so scammy. I guess I'll just keep on blogging and tell you when I find one I like.
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