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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Mini Pot Pies Recipe

Here's a delicious mini pot pie recipe that doesn't take that long to make. Here is what you need:

1. Premade biscuits in a can. I prefer the large, buttermilk grands.
2. Can of chicken soup with veggies.
3. Cupcake tin
4. Oven preheated at 390 degrees

Cook the soup in a saucepan until boiling for 2 minutes. While the soup is cooking, grease the cupcake tins with butter or line with foil. Press a biscuit into the cupcake tin so it covers the sides up to the top. It might take two depending on the size of the tin. Spoon the soup mixture into the biscuits and then flatten and thin another biscuit to put on top. Squeeze the sides together to close the "pie."

Bake for about 15 minutes. Note that some ovens might brown the top too fast. Put foil on top and then remove at the end to brown the top a little.

You can make with your own soup ingredients as well. I just find it is faster to use chicken vegetable soup that is already made. Try not to add too much water with the soup. If you do then you might want to stir in some flour so the pies do not leak and it stays contained. I find that if I put it on foil then they can be pulled out and put on a plate. It's delicious!