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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cheap Webhosting

I've been blogging since the 1990s. I know, you're going to say "but blogging didn't exist until after 2000!" This is technically not true, it just wasn't called "blogging." Back then we used HTML to blog. We didn't have php or any of these fancy blog server packages.

Now anyone can buy cheap webhosting to put up a blog within minutes. In some cases, a domain name and 12 months of hosting can cost a total of $22.00 per year. Unfortunately, this comes with a different cost. These servers are using virtual hosting which means that you are going to share a server with as many other servers as they can fit. When the other servers have a problem then you have a problem. If the IP gets blacklisted, then you get blacklisted.

Wouldn't it be worth it to spend a few more dollars per month to lease server space that is not going to bring your business down?

You could lease a dedicated server, but this is going to cost you on upward of a few hundred per month. If you are a newbie then the cost of paying that much money for a blog is way to costly. What are you to do?

You could use a host like blogger and still use your own domain name. Blogger sites sit relatively high on google when the right keyword schemes are used. Blogger and other large blogging services are also considered safer than most normal web hosting services. They are less likely to get hacked or flood pinged to death and are rarely blacklisted. Your mail server would need to be hosted elsewhere.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Out of the loop...I know

I know, I've been gone for so long. Something took the joy out of blogging for awhile. Maybe it was stress. Maybe it was having so many blogs to keep up with. Maybe it was the economy. Yeah. I think it was the last one.

I'm not here to say that I'm back. I'm just giving a little update. I don't know if I will update this blog daily. I don't seem to have the same interests as other blogging moms and I'm not going to fake it. I don't do a lot of cooking because my kitchen is just horrid. Both my convection oven and my gas ovens are broken. My sink needs a huge over hall because one day it just clogged up and no one can find the problem. That crappy health insurance bill release by obama lost me about $30,000 in business to where I was down to pennies and now I've been able to rebuild some, but not much yet. Unfortunately, I hear the Republicans are going to pull the same kind of stunt with more legislative garbage. Same forced government BS, different day.

So what to do? I have another project that I work on. It keeps me afloat. I don't like it, but I'm working hard on yet another project that I do like. This one will take awhile.

I'm at a loss. What would I want to do? Run social networks and servers for companies. That is what I enjoy doing. Working in the background. Not doing customer service. Not recruiting people. I have never found really what I wanted.