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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Great List of Independent Bands

If you've been paying attention to my blog for the past few months you'll know that I love indy bands and artists as it is where all of the great new wave and punk bands start. I really miss good new wave music so I’m really excited to find the Unsigned Bands website.

Of course there aren’t going to be too many punk or new wave bands where I live now, but when I go back home to San Francisco I’ll be sure to check out this site for the nitty gritty on the new bands playing in my area.

Oh, and get this, do you know what’s really cool? Listeners can build their own playlists and soon CDs so your favorite artist hits the billboard you can show off your original CD and take pride in know that you were one of the first.

Yeah, I sound like a groupie, but really I’m not. I do love my music genres and miss them tremendously so this couldn’t come at a better time for me.

You can search by genre, so if you don't like my music and you like Jazz, you can find Jazz Artists.

Join Adeline's Army

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Come and join Adeline's Army with me. If you don't know me already, then you probably don't know that I love alternative rock, new wave, punk, goth, electronic, etc. What a great way to promote!

Covers Coming Soon to a Chippy Title By...

Gorgeous covers. I love our cover artists so I'm excited to announce that we are also using Cerberus Inc. for business as well.

Knock Knock! I'm Here to Rob You!

Three bozos trying to break into a home were caught trying to bust in because one of the guys rang the doorbell at two in the morning. Now, whether or not this was an accident or they purposefully did it, the article doesn't say, but HELLO!!!!

Where's that stupid people web page again?

May She Enjoys Those Handcuffs!

Maybe not if she's the dominant one! Unlike the homes, talk is now cheap in Bedford Hills where the cops busted Sandra L. Chemero for prostitution.

Hey, maybe she just liked a lot of control in her relationships. It's possible, but they found dominatrix clothing and materials along with a website that lured alleged customers to her home.

Now, isn't that an interesting story for the day. Maybe she likes those handcuffs!

A Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare

Hold on to your burgers! Denny's Beer Barrel Pub just broke the world's record of the biggest burger. This 123 pound hambuger is made with 80 pounds of beef and the rest is bread and extras.

Why? Why would anyone do this? I do hope someone eats it, maybe a baseball team or something? I'm not a PETA member and I'm certainly not a vegetarian, but 80 pounds of beef is a lot of cow to waste.

Hey Idiots - Claim Your Prizes!

Ed O'Neill went into work one day when a co-worker told him that "some idiot" hadn't claimed their $800,000 PowerBall prize. That idiot just happened to be Ed! He had no idea then went to check his ticket. Duh!

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LOTTERY TICKETS! I never check mine. I rarely buy them unless the prize is in the millions and then I forget. I'll clean out a purse six months later and find my tickets. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Are You Available on Yahoo!?

I just found out how to add my Yahoo! Instant Messenger status on the blog. Wicked A nice blogger that might have been a Yahoo employee or enthusiast gave me the link.

Unfortunately it's cached or something and saying I'm not online. Grrrr. I am! I am!

The Dreaded Employment Task

Ah yes, it's when you have to go back somewhere where they've told you to come back in a month to see if you can help them because they're all excited about you but they have nothing at that time. So, you come back in a month only to learn that they've forgotten all about you and they've hired someone else.

Yes, this happened recently. I was told to come back in a month because my skills were perfect for creating the shopping cart needed. Well, I come back when told and the guy completely drew a blank even though we had great conversations on how to make photos look like actual paintings using Photoshop and selling them. Surprise, surprise! I knew how to do this, but hey, I didn't have *enough* Photoshop experience.

Um...okay, but at that rate he was hiring, I doubt if he could find someone with enough Photoshop experience.

Why are the salaries so low where I live? It's robbery.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eddie Murphy - Enhance Your Calm!

Yeah, well the phrase was appropriate after my run in with the rat burgers. Those who have seen the movie will understand.

Eddie Murphy stormed out after not winning Best Supporting Actor Academy Award and losing to Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine (a movie that I had to stop watching after ten minutes of pure boredom.) I didn't see the other. Obviously neither movie supports my taste in film because I like stocky men dressed up as futuristic police officers who like rat burgers.

It's time to grow up, hun. I think you're one of the funniest men on the planet so stop behaving like a baby and do what you're good at! Making people laugh.

Rat Burgers Anyone?

Ah, brings memories of my favorite movie Demolition Man. John Spartan buys a rat burger because eating meat is illegal up top and there are no cows in the sewer. Love that movie.

Maybe John Spartan should try this Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell place because they're in trouble for rats in their kitchen. Someone got the little(?) critters on video tape. Not very appetizing, is it?

Is it really just a coincidence that Taco Bell was the only restaurant left in Demolition Man? Perhaps they bought their food from the rat BBQ in the sewer.

Kids Find a Practice Bomb in Yard

Scary. Absolutely frightening. These kids were playing outside when they found a military practice bomb that is "only a flare". Um...flare, bomb, whatever, the kids can still get hurt.

I'm a little confused on the title of this article, is it called a Find Practice Bomb or was there a type in the title of the article?

No More Homework in Menlo Park, CA?

I object! This article points out that kids at the Oak Knoll Elementary in Menlo Park may not be doing anymore homework. They're discussing it and will rule on it soon.

After hearing that, I know where my kids won't go to school. Homework is not only a part of learning, but it's also a part of responsibility. Some kids need the extra work.

In fact, I'm a little peeved with our own school system. This week is some mid-winter break. You know, kids in other countries who run circles around us academically need to go to school all year round. Now, I don't mind a month off in the summer, but I really think kids get too much school off. Here we are working just about 260 days per year as adults and our kids get a big 90 day break plus weekends, holidays, etc. I protest!

Monday, February 26, 2007

UFOs in Maine

Why can't I ever see anything like this? This week in Maine citizens reported what the air force called a routine training mission. Many of the viewers doubt it was a training mission. Jets don't hover and they don't move sideways was the answer to the air force excuse.

Can anyone offer a real explanation to what happened here?

This Man Took His Lifestyle Way Too Far

You know, I'm pretty open to what people do behind their closed doors. I'm also open to what people read, watch on tv, rent, whatever as long as the content is legal, the does not involve minors, and it's consensual. I have friends all over the spectrum: some who would never do anything kinky and others who revel in it. I do know people who practice role play and BDSM. Yes, some of these people have consensual slaves. No, I am not one and I don't live this lifestyle.

What I've never seen, and who I don't know, are people who do the things that this man did to his partners. Some of the things he did were unspeakable! From what I understand from my friends is that what happens is supposed to be an agreement and I doubt anyone agreed to have cigarette burn mutilation done to them and their lips surgically sealed shut.

This guy should be in jail for torture of another human being or whatever the law is for that. The government is all crazy about what he puts on the Internet, but in reality what he did was strip a person of her dignity and rights. It went way beyond what was allowed in their world. Good grief.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow in the Driveway Again

Originally uploaded by theladyboo.
So here we go again. I get to go shovel about 4 feet of snow that the snow plow guy left in front of our driveway before it gets dark. The kids helped a little bit, but, well...

See where the shovel is poking up? That's the front of my driveway. One would think they would get it.

Another Thrift Store Find!

A toddler was playing with a book purchased through a thrift store and found $1,300.00. I guess most of the money was torn so it didn't end up to be worth much. The bank traded most of it for $600.00 and some was sent to the U.S. Treasury department.

I think I need to go to thrift stores more often!

Read about the $1300.00 thrift store find here.

What I Need to Complete My Kitchen

This is my dream kitchen: A large kitchen with an island that has a cutting board, a grill, a sink, and two burners. Above the island is a pot rack light. So I was excited to find a very nice one from Premier Lighting. It's gorgeous. All I need now is the island!

At Premiere Lightning you can find all kinds of lighting for your home including wall sconces and even ceiling fans. The prices are great, too. I don't think you can go wrong here.

Giant, Plastic Bull Gonads Illegal in Maryland?

LeRoy E. Myers Jr., a Republican in Washington, wants to make sexually graphic car decorations illegal. No, I'm not talking about porn, I'm talking about funny things like bull testicles hanging off of the back of a truck or the images of Calvin peeing on whatever it is he pees on.

Now, I'd never hang plastic testicles off the back of my car because that is so gross and tacky, but I think it's totally ridiculous that anyone would even try to enforce this. He's doing it in the name of kids, well Mr. Myers, what not just ban television because half of the garbage we see on television is far more worse than anything pasted to a car. Please don't believe I'm for banning tv, that's the parent's responsibility, I'm just making a point.

Can't we stick to laws that are going to do something for the country? How about tougher laws on child molesters? How about locking away rapists for longer? Stop worrying about people who have a sick sense of humor and go after the real criminals.

Read about the papers against plastic bull testicles here.

Why Can't I Find Deals Like These?

I go to garage sales and try to find bargains. Sure, I find great bargains for plates, glasses, and exercise equipment, but do I ever find the $1,000,000 painting or even an official copy of the Declaration of Independence? No.

Michael Sparks found a bargain that is just too good to pass up. I bet the store owners feel like crud now, too. He went and bought the document for $2.48 at a thrift store. He’s selling it and the opening bid is $125,000.

Just a few years ago some guy found a painting at a garage sale for something like $10.00. It sold for $1,000,000.00 at an auction. Man oh man oh man. I’d love to find something like that? Not even for the money--yeah, I could use the money--but for the fun of it! The excitement it would bring to know that you found a part of history!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

FlipTrack - Share Your Images with Class

I just finished shoveling 6 inches of snow off my porch. The drift was HUGE. What would I rather have been doing? Making online videos! FlipTrack is a tool to make videos using pictures and sound. The user can add the sound to a list of images to make a really great slideshow.

Watch the demo to see how cool this can be. It's a great addition to blogging or community pages like MySpace. Their collection of music can be easily downloaded and added to your video for an extra touch.

Do you want to see it in action? View the other videos members have added. Great for sharing on youtube and google movies, too.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Brats. I hope they go to jail

What is wrong with these kids? They were brats so they got their iPod taken away. Then the morons jumped the teacher and broke his neck? I hope they get a stiffer sentence than just juvi, I really do. Expulsion isn't good enough for these punks. Kick them out and they'll just go cause trouble on the streets.

That brings up another point. These so-called juvenile home places that take these kinds of kids in turn them out for the worse. Maybe they should just be breaking rocks and going to school. Strip them of their iPods and television. Make them work for a living, pay them, but take a good percentage out for room and board. Make them learn what it's like to work for a living but have it taken away because they're behaving badly.

I'd love to hear what their parents have to say about their attitude. If my child did that, well, I certainly wouldn't stand behind him. I'd love him, but I wouldn't support him in it all. Unless it was self defense, which this clearly wasn't. I'm not sure how I'd punish him though because after a child did something like that I don't believe he is afraid of authority any longer.

I hope they don't get away with it.

Read about the brats here. Good grief.

Liability Insurance for Your Pets

I grew up owning a horse, and quite a beauty at that. We played gym kanna, hit the trail rides, and just had a lot of fun. She did win ribbons, but she wasn’t a show horse. Kamia died in my arms a month after my 18th birthday. I can still remember her warm eyes looking up at me. She was a little delusional because the vet had to put her down, but she trusted me then. I had no choice because she was dying.

One good memory reminds me of night when it was foggy in my hometown and my horse escaped the backyard. I couldn’t find her for anything until deep in the grape vineyard my sister heard the ever-so-familiar sound of her leg joints popping. No, she wasn’t hurt. That’s just a sound that happens on a horse.

She stood there in a place where she had no idea where she was and frightened. If a car had come in her direction she could have spooked and damaged herself, the car, a house, or a person. This would have been devastating and I could have been sued as the owner.

If you live in the UK and you own horse, you could be liable for damage the horse does to another person’s property so it is now mandatory that you own insurance for your animal. Stoneways Insurance Services can help you with your horse insurance and other animal liabilities.

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I Disclose.

Don't Hide Pot in Your Potatoes

One would think that our prison system would hire people with some morals, yet here we have a guy who is supposed to be keeping track of the bad guys when he’s a bad guy! He was busted for hiding pot and money “aka contraband” in his mashed potatoes. Yes, the pot was marijuana.

Aren’t we supposed to be penalizing these criminals instead of giving them things? Creeps like these guys should be locked away with their friends because they’re just as bad as those who are behind the bars. Unfortunately they released Robert Earl Hannon on a $15,000 bail.

Now how did a jailer afford that kind of bail? Selling pot to skanks maybe? Geesh! Sounds like a drug dealer to me.

Don't Sleep in Garbage Cans!

Your lesson for today! Don’t sleep in trash cans! This man was almost squished by a filing cabinet when he fell asleep in a dumpster and was picked up by the garbage truck. The truck started to compact the trash when the driver from the Deffenbaugh Disposal Service realized there was some one inside and tried to get him out.

Please don’t say it’s the driver’s fault. I know people who feel sorry for the guy would love to blame this on the trash company because it’s a corporation, but get some sense in your head. Do you know how long it would take for our trash to be hauled off if they had to look in each and every garbage can?

People should just learn to be more responsible and not sleep in garbage cans!

The London Advertising Agency

If you live in London and you're looking for a great way to market your product then you need to have all of your resources in one place. The London Advertising Directory is a growing online listing of advertising and marketing professionals in the London area.

In my company we develop books for both the ebook and print markets. In searching for a company I'm sure I could find at least one artist to help me out in the Graphic Related Services link. There were five pages full of London based graphic artists.

If you're just starting out in business and you're not sure where to look, then the directory can used like a search engine. Just click here and then enter the words you want and then click search. Easy.

If you're a company in London looking to submit to the Directory, the I suggest you click here because it's unique enough to grow in popularity in the niche market.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Urine in Bottles?

I've seen messy houses everywhere. Heck, mine gets messy with three kids running around who pick up nothing. I've seen people who are pack rats and save everything. I've seen people with large amounts of garbage stashed by the garbage can. I've seen people who leave plates of food out overnight. Heck, I've seen party houses with empty beer cans overflowing everywhere.

Never have I seen anything like this.

There is so much garbage that you can barely walk through the house. There are cat litter boxes turned over with hopefully just cat poo. I guess the plumbing didn't work so the people who lived in the house, a mom and three daughters, used soda bottles to urinate in and hold it until ??

Those poor girls. Did they think all of this was okay? Did their mother threaten them if they told anyone?

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I Disclose.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Disclose

What the policy below basically says is that I do accept advertisements from their parties and I will post if it's an advertisement (sometimes I forget but it's not on purpose or to trick you, it's because I can be a scatterbrain!). I accept assignments from places such as PayPerPost and I actively review objects and movies through and put them up.

That's it in a nutshell. Read below for the more technical terms of it all. Most of all I'm here to share all of the snarky news with you and with the exception of shared reviews, author's excerpts, and the links to news articles, it's all my words. Whatever isn't will be shown a copyright notice or some form of notice.

This policy is valid from 22 February 2007

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact geekmom.

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

To get your own policy, go to

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I Disclose

Celebrating Snow with Snow Angels

People in North Dakota are trying to break a new record by making snow angels. They've even got a 99 year old woman, Pauline Jaeger, making her first one.

In 2002 the record for the most snow angels was around 1,800. In Michigan it was almost 4,000. So it's a big surprise to see at least 8,000 snow angels. How did they do it? Who put on this effort of people freezing their backsides to make impressions in the fluff?

The article doesn't say who coordinated the event, but it seems Michigan is keeping a close eye on the success of this game. Personally? I'm glad it's melting away because we're having a heatwave here in Wisconsin. Is North Dakota having the same 40 degree heatwave? Let's hope not!

Have I ever made a snow angel? I guess. Yeah, it waited until I was 33 or so because I lived in Northern California for all of my life and it doesn't snow at sea level there. Would I ever make one again? Only if my kids begged me. And why not? Because I want to go home to San Francisco where there is no snow!

Duckling with Four Legs

This duckling was born with four legs. The owner says she's running and acting fine with the other ducks so obviously it's not a case of the ugly duckling. It makes you wonder though, does it feel any differently about itself and will it grow into a beautiful swan? I doubt it. I'm sure it will feel more special than the others because of the attention it will grab.

Do ducks get jealous like cats do?

Daily Blog Report - Be careful with urban legends

Be careful what you blog about as it might not be true.

What is it in us humans that makes us want to poke fun of other people who might be a little less intelligent? Is it our ego to make ourselves feel important?

I really wanted to believe this one, but I knew deep in my heart it wasn't true. Someone thinking an elephant is bigger than the moon...come on now. Even my youngest knew it wasn't true.

Are we that gullible to believe anything?

What's bigger? The elephant or the moon?

Getting Started with Belisi Style

Have I ever told you what really makes a man? To me it's not only his desire to succeed , but it's also his tie. Yes, the piece of fabric that kings used to use to wipe their mouths that is now a status symbol of success. So is it any wonder why I might comment on the success of Belisi?

I guess being a bar tender in Palm Beach isn't easy. I'm sure the tips are probably great, but the rents down there are probably more than what I got paid per year last year. Okay, that's probably a big exaggeration, but still, you need to put this into perspective.

Instead of falling behind and depper into the black hole of financial doom, Peter Belisi had a dream to be successful as not only a working man and businessman, but as a father and a husband. He wanted to succeed to live the dream.

Belisi studied the look of his patrons at the bar and came up with a line of ties, and ultimately a style of accessories, that took off like crazy.

Not only is he living the dream, but he's helping others by giving a portion of the sale to the cause of your choice.

So stop by Belisi - How it Started and get to know the man behind the unique tie and let me know what you think about the style.

You can also visit him on myspace.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Machete Carrying Car Salesman

I think this guy watched too much Rambo while waiting for customers. This car salesman thought a customer was going to pull out a gun and started attacking him with a machete.


Find Your Cell Phone Deal Anywhere!

Isn’t it about time that you had a cell phone? Everyone has a cell phone and these days it’s almost like a necessary accessory. Even just for emergencies! I live in the frozen world of Wisconsin and I can’t imagine being on the road with all the ice and snow drifts during the winter or driving through the thunderstorms and tornadoes without an emergency resource. And these days you can get service almost anywhere.

Let me tell you my most recent and crazy emergency. My son rode his bike to work thinking it would be okay to ride home. Boy, was he wrong. When he left work that night it was -19 outside. Yes, -19! Even worse, he didn’t have a jacket and his brakes on his bike were frozen solid. The doors at his job were already shut and he couldn’t get back in. Fortunately my dear son didn’t need to walk home in the freezing weather and suffer frostbite. He just called me from his cell and I was able to go pick him up. The only thing we had to worry about was someone stealing the bike!

I don't believe I've found an easier and more comprehensive place to search for a cell phone and carrier in my area. The only thing missing is the Apple iPhone, but of course that isn't available yet.

Now, I have the RAZR phone with T-Mobile. I think it's an incredible deal. My son crushed his RAZR so we'll be on the hunt to get him another one soon. I think I might give him my RAZR and I'll get something like the T-Mobile MDA or a . I'm not a big fan of Windows so I'll probably go with the BlackBerry even though it costs a little extra every month.

I don't think you can go wrong searching for a deal here. There is a great selection and their interface very easy to use. It makes me wish I had used it to find my deal before I got that 2-year contract.

Laxitive Prank Gone Bad

Oh come on now, haven't you made the Ex-Lax cookies for your teacher or friends before? It's a great way to start a day when you know you're going to have a test and you need to cheat on the answers a little bit while your instructor runs to the bathroom every few minutes. It's a classic.

No, I haven't done it before, and I don't think I'd tell you if I did, but this guy admitted to doing it. The poor kid was charged with a felony that carries a max sentence of 12 years in prison. Yes, prison. For a prank. Rapists and murderers get less time!

Come on now, this was a silly prank. I doubt if he meant any harm to the people. PLEASE do not throw him in a cell with a bunch of freaks that will only do terrible things to him. Of course, I don't know him personally so maybe he belongs there, but I really do hope they put the kid's life into consideration for this.

Free Dating Site

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I have a friend who has tried so many others but they were so expensive and she kept on running into relationships that just weren’t right for her. is free so hopefully this will save her some money.

If you’re looking for just a friend, it might even be a great place to just find a pen pal.

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Twice Lucky in the Lottery

It just makes you wonder if this man was lucky all his life! He won the lottery two days in a row by keeping only 1 of the same numbers.

Maybe he should go into business for himself forecasting lottery numbers?

Getting a PayDay Loan

When borrowing money you need to be very careful where the cash originates from—especially on the Internet. That is why Payday Cash Advance Loans is a great place to look for a payday loan or advance.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's Day and handbags

Well, well, well. I was FORGOTTEN on Valentine's Day. Now tell me, how many of you men forgot your sweetie on Valentine's Day? Even if mine is 2,000 miles away, he might as well have called, emailed, or chatted but no. I was left broken hearted and sad.

So what do I do now? I haven't chatted in a week because I haven't been in the mood. Of course I haven't received an email or a call so maybe the honeymoon is over.

Heck, I didn't even get a Valentine from my kids! I got one from my youngest after he realized--at his bed time--that he had forgotten me. I got one from my mom and my sister. So why not anyone else?


Are you listening? Are you reading?

So, here's what we can do for a late Valentine's Day. There's a great coupon site where I can get handbags at a great discount, and you know how much I love handbags. CouponChief has coupon codes that will help you select a bag such as the select here. What a treat!

I Disclose.

Brittney Breakdown

Oh of course she's going to breakdown, who wouldn't? If she wanted her haircut, then cut here darn hair.

Brittney Spears threw a fit when the hairstylist wouldn't shave her head. Hey, as must as I don't like Brittney Spears, I still say since she's the customer and she's paying you to cut her hair then just do it. Let Brittney pay for it when she's sober (that is, if she was drunk at the time.)

Naked Jogger

Now why wasn't I living in the Silicon Valley when this naked man went jogging? I would have loved to see that! He called it liberating, but the residents probably called it frightening.

They fined him a mere $95.00 for running in the buff. Only $95.00? He wasn't jailed? Then he acted like he'd do it again if the people didn't get offended. No, I think he should stop doing it because it's illegal.

I do have a burning question for you men out there. Guys, seriously, doesn't it hurt to jog naked?

Get Paid to Review My Blog

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Following Directions

Why is it so hard for people to follow directions? Have we been able to get away with so much in our lives that doing your absolute best is no longer important?

When I ask for something specific, I ask to do it in a certain way because I'm busy. For example, yesterday I had to enter 130 books into a book distributor. I ended up entering only 100 because the 30 remaining books need to be reformatted. Instead of reformatting the books for distribution today, I was busying answering questions that could have been avoided if the people asking read the directions.

I finally gave up on answering questions and went back to modifying books. Why? Because I was wasting time. All of these questions could have been answered by reading the Promotions Coordinator position that was posted yesterday. The information was there, including how to find out more about the job.

In fact, as of right now I'm putting my foot down. I know exactly what the email looks like for those who use the proper method of inquiring about the position. If the information is not received at the appropriate email address with the right subject then the message will be ignored. Why? Because it will prove to me the person applying actually cares about following directions.

Yeah, I'm a little mad about it. :-)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Create Your Own Home Theater

Well, I just realized the coolest thing about my computer. Macs use this thing called iTunes. Yes, I know pc users have this as well, but you can't do what I'm going to tell you right now.

With iTunes you can create your own home theater with music, movies, DVDs, tv shows, and more with a simple remote control. So here I am sitting on my couch with my nifty little remove and selecting movie trailers from my computer. It accesses them from the Apple Quicktime Site and displays them right on my home theater box (my dual Intel iMac flat screen.)

I put a bunch of movies in my iTunes movie area where I can either download them from iTunes or add my own. It's illegal to take movies from DVDs so I use other movies. Sorry, I don't want that $250,000 fine. I can switch between my DVD, music, movies, trailers, purchased tv shows, etc. with my fancy little remote. It's really cool.

Now all the motion picture industry should legally allow you to do is copy those movies to your hard drive from the DVDs you legally own. I don't see why they don't, it's totally stupid to not do it that way. Then I can have backups for all my DVDs the kids will eventually destroy.

Now, I don't know what the AppleTV does yet, but I assume it acts like a DVR. If I could output the DVR to my computer screen then I will a very happy TV viewer.

I don't know of any PCs with a remote. Of course, I wouldn't buy a pc if my life depended on it.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Iridescent Invasion by Sapphire Phelan

This title has adult content. Please visit the blog entry for more information.

Deceiving Derek by Cindy Procter-King

Deceiving Derek by Cindy Procter-King
Buy Now!

A lingerie designer named Lacey, a meddlesome twin sister, and a wiener dog with an underwear fetish team up to give police detective Derek McAllister a major headache in DECEIVING DEREK.

Lingerie designer Lacey DeMarco attempts to liven up her life by hoodwinking an unsuspecting police detective to a funky bridal shower, thereby fulfilling the "cop" requirement on a scavenger hunt list. However, little does Lacey realize that she and Derek are *both* being deceived--in the name of love.

Author: Cindy Procter-King
Editor: Catherine Chant
Artist: Rebecca Pack
Proofreader: Tammy Xanthakis
Length: Short Story (5,000 to 10,000 words)
Genre: Romance
Category: Humor
Rating: General audience (Suitable for all ages.)


"Somebody is stealing my underwear! And I want you to find out who it is."

Detective Derek McAllister arched a skeptical eyebrow and raised his gaze from the sports section of the Seattle area newspaper. Hello. A svelte, Cameron Diaz look-alike poured into a blazing red dress stood on the other side of his desk. Indignation radiated from her blue eyes as she dangled a scarlet G-string mere inches from his nose. Her hand jerked, and the titillating scrap of silk and elastic indecency flipped off her crimson-polished fingertip to puddle onto the latest Mariner's baseball scores.

Derek shot a glance to the front counter of the small suburban precinct. Both Biggs, the balding desk sergeant, and Hardy, a uniformed patrol officer who routinely shadowed Biggs like a starved-for-attention sidekick, looked back at them and chortled. Biggs twirled a finger near one cauliflower ear and mouthed with wide-eyed exaggeration, Crrrrrazy.

Like he needed Biggs to tell him. Thanks a lot, boneheads. Sending me the kook again, are you?

"Well?" the slim blonde asked. "Are you going to shuffle me off like they did-" she pointed back at Biggs and Hardy "-or take me seriously?" Her shiny, golden hair shimmered beneath the bright precinct lights in feathery layers.

Hell, why not? Derek hunched forward in his swivel chair. As Thursday evenings went, this one was a colossal bore. He needed something to keep him awake until his shift ended at midnight. Besides, he could sense the woman's frazzled nerves beneath her righteous ire. On the chance she really was a kook-job, he'd rather pacify her and escort her safely home than send her out to roam the streets in her current state of agitation.

Taking his time about it-no sense in making her even more edgy-he calmly eyeballed the G-string. He slipped the tip of a pen beneath a lace-covered strap and lifted the breeze of nothingness off the newspaper as carefully as if he were handling a piece of forensic evidence.

© Cindy Procter-King

Movie Review: V FOR VENDETTA

England has come under the iron fist of a right-wing zealot who plasters his propaganda all over by television. I guess the rest of the world is in trouble and the US is trading cotton and tobacco again.

V is out to stop the madness by terrorist antics. He saves the life of a woman who was out after curfew and their conflict and pain is shown throughout the movie.

Did I like it? Eh, not really. V was a little too proper and prosed for me. The bloody parts, no pun intended, were nice and the message to the public was great. In ways it could be a great cult movie, but when he went on excessively about this and that it would get kind of strange.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

And Where is The Batman?

Batman was seen running through a school and causing a lock down. At least that is what this is what happened at this school. A little boy reported seeing Batman, a man in a long cape, jump over the fence and disappear into the desert.

Hmmm...maybe we have a vigilante afterall?

Monday, February 12, 2007

This Time She Really Trashed Her Car

And I thought I was messy! Too much garbage in this car caused it to accelerate and crash.

Click to read the article.

I wonder if people have always been like this or if our information society is bringing out the nature of our disorganization. I was having a discussion with my brother tonight about ADHD and he brought up a good point that maybe we're all naturally ADHD and society has molded us a certain way to change brain wave patterns and now we're finally coming out of our shells.

Looks like there was a lot coming out of this shell...

Slippery Roads and It's Not by Ice!

Totally gross. Of course this happens here in Wisconsin. A truck veered off the road and spilled 40 tons of cow intestines all over the highway. It took about 43 hours to clean up the mess. So, if you find rocks in your hotdogs this year, we all know where they came from!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Artists of the World Unite!

Okay, so I've been classified as ADHD by my doctor. I know many of you don't think it's something to brag about or maybe even something that is real, but it is actually both.

For those who have no idea and believe it is something fake and made up by the doctors then you really have no idea. Yes, I believe some of the symptoms are from boredom as a friend told me who doesn't believe in it. When I had a job that was fun and exciting I did very well. When I had a boring job where the pay was minimal and the result of what I did was simply helping another company's product succeed, I had to go find something else.

ADHD people, and I know there are several different types out there, are very creative. They're the movers and the shakers of new ideas and new business. They're the artists, the entrepreneurs, the writers, and others who mold the world.

Now, I'm not saying that non-ADHD people can't do this, sure they can! In fact, if the ADHD person doesn't realize they're ability and learn how to focus on it, then the non-ADHD person would do it faster because of the conditioning and organizational skills.

If you're thinking there isn't any proof of ADHD then you need to dig deeper into the subject. There is proof of brain patterns that are different. Medication does help people with ADHD differently than people without so it will probably be obvious if you're on medication if it's working on not.

Have I told my family? No. They wouldn't understand because they would say, just as my sister does, that I'm just too distracted by kids. Yes, that's true, but someone who is not would handle that distraction differently than I would. My friend who says I'm just bored, just that is true as well.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Speaking of Weirdos...Creep when I was 14

The previous post brought back a memory of some weirdo that walked into my house one day when I was about 14 or 15. I think I was 14 because I was in 9th grade (Jr. High for us SR kids). He wanted to use the phone and I brought the phone to the porch and told him to use it there and shut the door then went into the kitchen. The creep came up behind me while I was making my staple food of Top Ramen. My mom was at work so she had no idea what was going on.

The gross out stood behind me and told me he had a knife at my back and he wanted me to do something that I can't quite remember. Maybe get him off? What did I do? Silly me. I put my hand back there to see if it was a knife and it was his finger (I hope! eww) Anyway, I prayed out loud then I went for the pot of boiling water I had started and told him to leave.

I was astonished to find out that he turned around and started to leave. He called me a tramp and a few other choice words and left.

Did I call the cops? No. I was scared and an idiot. I grabbed my cat from outside and locked all the doors then sat in my room sweating for the next few hours until my mom got home. I don't even think I told her.

So guess what? The next day I came to school and we had a teacher's strike. The sub in my geography class looked JUST LIKE HIM. Did I say anything? NO. I couldn't be sure if it was him or not.

It's different now, people keep their doors locked to feel safe. I hope this guy decided to never hurt anyone else because I if I had called then he might have been caught and never able to do worse than what he did to me.

Movie Review: The Zodiac

Okay, you know you've been in the upper Midwest too long when you watch a movie and wonder where the Christmas snow is. Seriously, I miss home. I wanted to watch the movie to see the Golden Gate and the eucalyptus and redwood trees. I love home.

What I don't love are movies that include data about a person and it's obvious the screenwriter or the producer would have no clue about the details. This isn't fiction, it really happened, so why must they put info in where they'd have no clue?

When the guy states he wants a movie about him, I don't think anyone has ever handled this right. He wants a movie about HIM which means not the cop families, not the press, not the cops, and not the victims. He wants people to get into his mind and tell the world about him. I'm sure of it.

Other people have mentioned that he's probably dead and that's why no one has heard from him. That could be. Maybe he just gave up because no attention is paid to him any longer. I mean come on, this was 1969 and that was only 38 years ago. If they guy was in his 20's or 30's then he's probably not dead, he's just too old to care or doing it quietly with unsolved murders because he knows it's easier now to collect data against bad guys.

I've heard people complain about the character building of the movie. They say there wasn't enough character building. Well, what do you expect? No one really knew much about the guy and if they had built anymore character into the other people then it would have been a miniseries as opposed to a two hour movie. The families of the people were, gosh I hate to say it this way, irrelevant to the movie because they were supposedly random. They could have spent an awful lot of time with the victims and gotten nowhere in the movie.

Oh, what else bothered me was the way they made it look like the guy was following the kid throughout the movie. That was REALLY annoying because you never knew if something was going to happen and you know it never did. Obviously the kid wasn't scared so why all the drama? To add more suspense? Suspense isn't any good unless it matters and makes a difference.

So, did I like it? It was okay. Not good and not bad. It was kind of boring and annoying, but it wasn't as terrible as others make it out to be. One of the detectives looked like a friend I worked with Apple Computer. Strange, huh?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Urine Where?

Why in Urinetown! If you're bored with the movies you can go visit the theater special Urinetown- The Musical. The Urology Department is holding a wonderful play which is decorated with white and yellow flowers as well as bedpans. If you're hungry you can indulge in a yellow desert held in a specimen cup, maybe even while you listen to "It's a Privilege to Pee"

It opens at the Omaha Community Playhouse. The story is about a drought that makes using public toilets more usable than private toilets.

I personally have not seen the production so I can't comment on the content, but I can say that I might pee my pants laughing.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

People for Reproductive Rights Forcing Pregnancy?

Here's a strange one. A group which is normally for reproductive rights is telling straight people who get married they must have children within three years or have the marriage annulled. It's a petition to get the measure on the ballot.

Good grief. Playing with politics is scary and not very funny. If this really passed then it would be a big mess. It's a stupid way to prove a point especially when it goes against everything the group introducing the bill supports.

Have kids or get annulled