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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Getting Started with Belisi Style

Have I ever told you what really makes a man? To me it's not only his desire to succeed , but it's also his tie. Yes, the piece of fabric that kings used to use to wipe their mouths that is now a status symbol of success. So is it any wonder why I might comment on the success of Belisi?

I guess being a bar tender in Palm Beach isn't easy. I'm sure the tips are probably great, but the rents down there are probably more than what I got paid per year last year. Okay, that's probably a big exaggeration, but still, you need to put this into perspective.

Instead of falling behind and depper into the black hole of financial doom, Peter Belisi had a dream to be successful as not only a working man and businessman, but as a father and a husband. He wanted to succeed to live the dream.

Belisi studied the look of his patrons at the bar and came up with a line of ties, and ultimately a style of accessories, that took off like crazy.

Not only is he living the dream, but he's helping others by giving a portion of the sale to the cause of your choice.

So stop by Belisi - How it Started and get to know the man behind the unique tie and let me know what you think about the style.

You can also visit him on myspace.

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