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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Giant, Plastic Bull Gonads Illegal in Maryland?

LeRoy E. Myers Jr., a Republican in Washington, wants to make sexually graphic car decorations illegal. No, I'm not talking about porn, I'm talking about funny things like bull testicles hanging off of the back of a truck or the images of Calvin peeing on whatever it is he pees on.

Now, I'd never hang plastic testicles off the back of my car because that is so gross and tacky, but I think it's totally ridiculous that anyone would even try to enforce this. He's doing it in the name of kids, well Mr. Myers, what not just ban television because half of the garbage we see on television is far more worse than anything pasted to a car. Please don't believe I'm for banning tv, that's the parent's responsibility, I'm just making a point.

Can't we stick to laws that are going to do something for the country? How about tougher laws on child molesters? How about locking away rapists for longer? Stop worrying about people who have a sick sense of humor and go after the real criminals.

Read about the papers against plastic bull testicles here.
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