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Friday, February 23, 2007

Liability Insurance for Your Pets

I grew up owning a horse, and quite a beauty at that. We played gym kanna, hit the trail rides, and just had a lot of fun. She did win ribbons, but she wasn’t a show horse. Kamia died in my arms a month after my 18th birthday. I can still remember her warm eyes looking up at me. She was a little delusional because the vet had to put her down, but she trusted me then. I had no choice because she was dying.

One good memory reminds me of night when it was foggy in my hometown and my horse escaped the backyard. I couldn’t find her for anything until deep in the grape vineyard my sister heard the ever-so-familiar sound of her leg joints popping. No, she wasn’t hurt. That’s just a sound that happens on a horse.

She stood there in a place where she had no idea where she was and frightened. If a car had come in her direction she could have spooked and damaged herself, the car, a house, or a person. This would have been devastating and I could have been sued as the owner.

If you live in the UK and you own horse, you could be liable for damage the horse does to another person’s property so it is now mandatory that you own insurance for your animal. Stoneways Insurance Services can help you with your horse insurance and other animal liabilities.

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