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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Artists of the World Unite!

Okay, so I've been classified as ADHD by my doctor. I know many of you don't think it's something to brag about or maybe even something that is real, but it is actually both.

For those who have no idea and believe it is something fake and made up by the doctors then you really have no idea. Yes, I believe some of the symptoms are from boredom as a friend told me who doesn't believe in it. When I had a job that was fun and exciting I did very well. When I had a boring job where the pay was minimal and the result of what I did was simply helping another company's product succeed, I had to go find something else.

ADHD people, and I know there are several different types out there, are very creative. They're the movers and the shakers of new ideas and new business. They're the artists, the entrepreneurs, the writers, and others who mold the world.

Now, I'm not saying that non-ADHD people can't do this, sure they can! In fact, if the ADHD person doesn't realize they're ability and learn how to focus on it, then the non-ADHD person would do it faster because of the conditioning and organizational skills.

If you're thinking there isn't any proof of ADHD then you need to dig deeper into the subject. There is proof of brain patterns that are different. Medication does help people with ADHD differently than people without so it will probably be obvious if you're on medication if it's working on not.

Have I told my family? No. They wouldn't understand because they would say, just as my sister does, that I'm just too distracted by kids. Yes, that's true, but someone who is not would handle that distraction differently than I would. My friend who says I'm just bored, just that is true as well.
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