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Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's Talk Document Security

How important is data security? Very! If you're not careful then you could be liable for a lot of illegal things going on at your computer. There are certain files that should always be kept secure with a special file lock and hidden in the darkest depths of your system. Bank account information, passwords, and especially important information about your family should be locked up. I have a feeling that most hackers are there for fun, but there are a handful who are there to do malicious and mean things to you. Please protect your machine! There are many tools used for protection that include firewalls, extra password security, tripwires, and more. What is going to protect your outgoing documents from email sniffers and interceptors such as snoopy office co-workers?

You can protect special documents by using SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP. We've been using zip for years, but this is a new method that will automatically protect files through email. By protecting your files, snoopers can't read the text that flies by when they read your data with packet sniffers. Ooooh, naughty!

Right now you can get a free trial of securezip by visiting Try it out and you'll feel more secure about what you do online.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movie Review Hard Luck

If you're into really strange and wacky movies then this one is for you. An ex-con cleans up his act and falls in love only to lose her in Katrina. He goes to a party with his friend only to end up in the same type of situation he was just trying to get out of. He ends up with a stripper at his side, $200,000 of marked bills, and a pair of really odd serial killers into some mad form of BDSM.

Personally, I really don't like Cybill Shepard as she's had some political statements that really irk me and her acting has never impressed me. Her part in this movie fits her and just possibly she's found a role that actually fits her.

Wesley Snipes is just as good as ever. I think I've enjoyed everything he's ever been in that I've seen. He plays the poor, pathetic ex-con just as good as an psychotic gang leader or a martial arts hero on a plane. In this movie he's kind of sweet yet still has a little bit of that bad boy persona. It fits him well.

Not a movie for kids. With the exception of the stripper bar and the psychos, there isn't too much nudity or sexual content. There are some jokes that will go above many heads over the age of eleven. Still, I wouldn't recommend it for the sensitive type because the acts of the serial killers would terrify anyone in their right minds.

Get it here:

Friday, April 20, 2007

MySQL and PHP vs. FileMaker

I've been pondering this for years. I'm very, very good at some things such as installing and hacking scripts. What I lack is the ability to create my own stuff. So, I've learned that the best way to learn php/mysql is to install the package on your machine so you can work with it locally and then play.

I was using FileMaker. FileMaker is a great database when you want the ease of use with pointing and clicking. It has a lot of easy-to-use built in functions and calculations that you can point and click to find.

What I found extremely difficult with FileMaker was creating difficult databases. I know it can be done, but with my knowledge of sql, it seems to be limited in some respect. Yes, it is a relational database engine, and yes, it can do some very great things but if you've learned on a different kind of relational system it just makes things difficult.

It is also very expensive. I can't imagine creating a package for a customer and then telling them that on top of the hourly amount they owe me that they now owe me another $700 for the database application plus a possible seat license. Yikes! Save that for the big guys like Oracle and Sybase (is Sybase still around?)

I'm sure that I can learn to create very nice applications from scratch using mysql and php. I just need to learn the php code a little better. Hacking and manipulating comes easy to me. It's putting it all together is what I need to work on and that's what I'm going to do with all my databases that I've created in FileMaker Pro. I'm tired of paying the obnoxious upgrade fee for FileMaker so here I go to the mysql world completely!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yes, we're still here

Our host was under attack and the hosting company is being lame about it.

We should be back up soon. I apologize for the delay.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Thumbs Down for The Gathering

Snark the News reviews The Gathering. Here's a hint - Rebecca didn't like it.

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