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Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Son Brought Home Two Kittens....

My son, who is rarely home, brought home two cute little kittens that I am now forced to feed and get shots for because he has no job and is never here. So when they come it to sleep in my room he gets all bent out of shape. Sorry, if you were here to mommy them then they might be sleeping next to you.

I really miss having a cat. I grew up with cats. My cat that our friends gave me on a road trip to Seattle lived for 20 years. She was an amazing cat and I just couldn't really get close to one after that for a very long time. I still don't think I can, but this one is growing on me. She insists on crawling up on my chest and sitting there while purring away and begging for my attention.

I remember coming home with a dog from the fair. I think we all might have done that once or twice--see someone with a box of kittens or puppies and just take one home. Fortunately, my mom was a good mom and let me keep it and I, against my better judgement, let my son keep the kittens. But no more. He can't bring home anymore.

Friday, June 17, 2016

I Love Influenster!

I have been trying out Influenster to test out new products and blog about them. Sometimes it does seem like a lot of work for what you get, but I figure it's also giving me content on my sites so it is pretty cool.

My first test was the TRESemme Pre-Conditioner product with shampoo. I used it and totally loved it. Since this isn't the place where I'm going to show you the demos as I do this on my other blog, I will say that you should sign up. Since I'm all new to this I don't really know where to find the signup link because their site can be a bit like a puzzle with all of the options and since I'm not exactly getting paid to do it then I don't spend a ton of time on it.

If you're a product junkie like I am though, I  totally recommend it.

Monday, June 13, 2016

CashPirate Always Pays to Make Money Online

I Just received another amazon dot com payment from CashPirate again today. I always love cashing in on the money they send for testing games on my phone. It's pretty easy to cash out with CashPirate and the payout is instantaneous.

This is one I don't do surveys on, I just install the games. I usually don't do surveys on the phone because I'm pretty terrible at texting and the time it takes to enter the data just infuriates me more.

The funny thing is, I'm doing a few of these while I watch my tv shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order at night. I also do InboxDollars. I have yet to be paid with InboxDollars because their first payment is by check and the payout is $30.00. Since they pay nothing for surveys that I am not approved for and their offers are usually items I'm not interested in, I just do the get paid to read mail. That is so little pay that it will take me a year to get anything. LOL

Within a month I've been paid at CashPirate almost what I would have been paid on InboxDollars in a year. Lucktastic is almost the same, the payout is way faster. SwagBucks can be a little slow. I don't see how people do $400 per month with SwagBucks, but it is still better than InboxDollars.

I know, you think I'm crazy for doing these at all if I'm already making money blogging and elsewhere. I think the game testing is fun because I like the games. OK? I do actually end up keeping some of the and playing them until I need room on my phone. I might even do some advertising on a few of my own that I've developed once I perfect them.

I started the get paid to programs when I really needed the extra cash flow and I just never stopped doing it. It's not like I'm taking time from my business because I do them while I'm waiting for dinner to cook or I'm watching TV. It's like the millionaire who penny scrimps on coupons. Why not?

On many of these, the money you make is because of the residuals. When other people signup then you make more of a percentage. I can't say the same for a game like Qriket. I only make a buck per Qriket referral, which is kind of a drag but it helps the payout go faster.

To signup with CashPirate, click here and then enter my referral code JDZNMG at signup to get a 500 coin bonus when you earn 1000 coins. Then all you do is install the games they want you to test and do surveys if you like then watch the money pile up. At this time, you can get payout on Steam, Amazon, and PayPal as well as other services.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Why I Do Surveys from Swagbucks and Not InboxDollars

I don't do a lot of surveys for cash online because it takes up too much time when I could be marketing my products. When I the surveys, I do them through Swagbucks and not other sites like InboxDollars. There is a good reason for this. InboxDollars is great at what it does and that is paying people to read the emails and check out the products. For surveys, however, it isn't the best site.

Some surveys take just a few minutes of time and that would be fine, but there are several that can take up to 20 minutes or more to finish. Personally, I know that 20 minutes of blogging and marketing will eventually pay me, but sitting down and taking a survey for 20 minutes and then finding out 5 to 10 minutes later that I do not qualify for that survey because of my demographics does not help me at all.

Sites like InboxDollars simply offer up another survey and no points or dollars which is why I won't use them. SwagBucks will give me at least 1 or 2 points toward my goal if I do not qualify. Yet, even the amount SwagBucks offers is why I just do not sit around doing surveys all day long. It's not worth the money. I would rather put that time toward actual money for dollars by the hour or on a residual basis. A survey does neither.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lucktastic Scratchers are a Fun Way to Get Free Money

Do you like playing scratchers? I love it! Unfortunately, at $1.00 to $25.00 per sheet they get really expensive and rarely pay out.

I found another way to play scratchers and win no matter what. This app game called Lucktastic gives you free scratcher cards several times per day to play on your phone. When you open a scratcher card then you will usually see a short advertisement and then you are rewarded for viewing the ad. Not only are you given points toward earning a giftcard of your choice, but you also have the chance at winning prizes of monetary value or points.

You can also make more by referring other people to Lucktastic. Each time you refer a friend you get 1,000 coins toward your next payout. You can't lose!

Another note, I've had to deal with their support for an issue when facebook caused a problem with my account and their tech support went above and beyond their call of duty. I really like this company.

Try it out by clicking here and download the app to your phone. You're going to win even if you don't win the grand prize.

First Payout With Qriket

I just received my first payout with Qriket and I was a little dismayed to find out that it was in Canadian dollars which mean I took a huge hit on what I received. It immediately said to withdraw my $25 into my PayPal right when I logged in and when I did, the USD dropped to $18.25.

YIKES! Has our dollar amount dropped THAT much? Bad obama! Bad BAD!

Anyway, Qriket does payout, but it is in Canadian dollars and you'll get far less than what you expect. I should have just left it in there like a savings account and took the money out when it was higher. Next time, if it is even possible to do that with Qriket.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Make Money Online with Qriket

Qriket is a fun way to make money online if you love spinning the wheel. When you signup with the referral code below they will give you free spins toward your game. Every time you spin the wheel you are given an amount that you have the chance at winning. If your color is chosen then you win that amount! It's EASY!

When you use the referral code 435916 then you will get 25 free spin codes to try. Once you are out of the spin codes you get up to 10 spins per day that are sponsored by various companies. On the spins you have the chance of winning from 5 cents to $250. I have won 5 to 50 cents many times and I've seen the $250 pop up a few times. You are also paid $1.00 per each referral who signs up using your code.

Once you reach $25.00 then you can payout to your PayPal account.

Try it! Use the link below and enter the referral code. The app will download on your phone.

It's not going to make you rich, but it will help pay grocery bills. I know so many people who play and pay for CandyCrush, why not play something that pays you instead??

Just a quick note, Qriket does pay in Canadian dollars.

Monday, June 06, 2016

What the Heck is this Flu?

My son and I are both sick. My oldest son was sick last week. I had whooping cough for 3 months and now I have this flu virus that is just knocking me out. My youngest went to the doctor and found out he had pneumonia. What the heck is going on in the neighborhood?

Friday, June 03, 2016

Clif Bars Listeria Recall

The following Clif Bars have been recalled due to a potential listeria outbreak:

  • CLIF BAR Nuts & Seeds energy bar all pack configurations with “best by” date ranges starting 08JUN16 through 21JAN17
  • CLIF BAR Sierra Trail Mix energy bar all pack configurations with “best by” date ranges starting 05JUN16 through 24MAR17
  • CLIF Mojo Mountain Mix® trail mix bar all pack configurations with “best by” date ranges starting 16JUN16 through 02FEB17

Monday, March 21, 2016

Please Be Kind to Your Kids

While doing laundry last night a younger woman with a child who was around 8 years old came into the laundry to get their loads of laundry which took up all 3 dryers. Sadly, she has the stench of pot all around her which mean her kid must smell it all of the time. Even worse, as they were walking out of the laundry room he wasn't quite listening to her and she says, "ARE YOU CHALLENGED?" to him.


Then we all wonder why our kids grow up with certain attitudes. Maybe this is why some kids grow up as bullies or extremely insecure with themselves? By looking at her I can assume she probably was a bully. This is also the kind of kid that would probably stick up for his mother if I had said something to her or she probably would have stabbed me. Seriously. Even with all of that laundry in her hand. Of course had she been physically abusing him I would have stepped in. Unfortunately, when I hear parents acting like absolute jerks to their children with words my biggest concern is that if I do say something then when they get home she will take it out what I said on him physically.

What is wrong with people? These are your children. They look up to you for support and love. They aren't there to be bullied and hated on. You are there to teach them and help them grow up to be responsible adults so they don't live in your basement for the next 40 years of their lives or out on the streets. Treat them with kindness and be strict with them so they have boundaries. Always show them love and make sure they know what you approve of and what you do not approve of but in a way that shows you care.

And if that doesn't bother you remember, they are the ones who will be taking care of you and visiting you when you are 90. Treat them right during this time and they will bring you smiles while you are on your death bed.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Sunday! It's Shopping and Laundry Day!

I'm not even sure where to go with this post today. It's the end of an old week and the start of a new one. It's two weeks into March and the month has gone by way too slowly. I'm glad it is warming up here in California though. Finally. I almost thought my state had moved north!

I had this dream that I was a huge blogger and at a convention. The hotel staff had little bungalows outside the dining area and my team and I were sitting down eating and as usual, I'm always the last finished eating because I don't like eating in front of others. I had to rush before the first session. Then I woke up. It was all really strange. I don't go to conventions. I used to when I worked at big companies, but now I'm happy just watching them from the web. I know, networking is good. Sorry, I have a huge anxiety problem in front of people. I prefer to just blog and take my chances.

Now that my washer AND dryer are broken I have to go do laundry off at a laundry mat. Unfortunately, I always wait until I have no casual clothes left. I suppose I could blog at the laundry room, but I don't have a laptop--I have a netbook and a few tablets and none of those are really good for blogging at all. I also need to go to the store. I don't have a car. LOL LOL AYE! Is it the laundry first or the groceries? Decisions....

I wanted to work all day because my son was home all week on vacation and I got nothing done. That isn't going to happen now as I have to go to the store. It takes hours to do one store trip on the bus. I could take a cab, but I am a real scrooge. Oh well, off I go!

What do you like to do on Sundays?