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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Young Illegal Aliens Getting CDLs

Young illegal aliens in California might be able to get a driver's license.

Michelle Obama giving out sex tips

This ought to ruin your sex drive. Michele Obama is giving out sex tips.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Labor Dept Spend $500K of Stimulus Money On Obama Ads

Isn't this ILLEGAL?? Labor Department spends stimulus funds for ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows - Washington Times

Is the cold war really over?

If you people think the cold war has ended, you need a reality check. It has really just begun and this time it starts with the Islamofascists.

Has Congress Forgotten Its Power?

Wow, Congress might as well handed their asses to the presidency. What kind of fools did people elect? Obama Signs Congress Approved Bill Giving Him More Power

Boston Market Pulls Salt Shakers

I see that Boston Market is probably going to be going out of business soon.

The 2012 NoBama Button Demo

LOL This is a cute little video that has a lot of truth! Obama has made promises, ones that I don't necessarily agree with his method, but he failed his fans AND I like boasting I told you so - his plans suck! I said they'll cost too much money. I said his little pathetic car program was a joke. I said bailing GM out and using those ugly little Indian cars wouldn't work. I TOLD YOU SO! I should have named this blog I TOLD YOU SO!