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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You're kidding me

If this is really an Access Hollywood tape, where is the interviewer?

He looks like Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Yay! I can get the new one on

Long live ABC!

Ack, it's only a review of everything that happened before. Dang it!

love is in the air...or not

So, I have these two cockatiels that someone gave me and they weren't bonded at all. They actually acted like they hated each other. When cockatiels mate, they mate for life. They love each other and preen each other. They will feed one another and kiss. Mine did none of that. In face, the female hates him.

So, I separated the birds and realized that his cage bars were too small. I moved him back in the cage. Last night I heard some funny noises, turned around, and I was completely embarrassed. They two bonding in the closest way. At least I thought then had bonded.

Nope. She won't let him touch her again. Man, she's just a tease. One minute she lets him touch her and the next she backhands him with her beak. They're the strangest pair of birds I've ever seen.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

out for a piss

Okay, so how many of you know what that means? I'm sure I already know what those in the US said. Taking a pee, right?

Let's clean up our international relations here. In the UK it means out for drinks or getting drunk.

So, the next time someone who is British asks you if you are out of a piss and you're out drink then say yes you are!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haven't We Gone Beyond These Racisit Pigs?

This totally brought tears to my eyes today. This innocent woman, just barely out of her teens was brutally, mercilessly, and horribly raped, beaten, cut, insulted, among other things by this group of uneducated, unthinking---geesh, I'm trying to think of terrible words to call these horrible racist and perverted thugs, but there are no words bad enough to call them. They're like worse than the slime on the top of their backyard outhouse.

If you read in this article here, you'll see this group of creeps kidnapped and held this young woman captive. The things they did to her were unspeakable.

Thank God the woman didn't die, but unfortunately it also means that some of these creeps will be back on the street again. Too bad we couldn't just give them the death penalty early. I know, that's a terrible thing to say, but how in the world do you punish for something like this?

Now listen carefully, it says that she might have been led there by a guy she met online. Hasn't anyone learned yet that you don't go meeting people online like this?

Let's talk lists and removing your name

I have two very annoying lists that I have tried so many different ways to get my name removed from that I'm about to scream. The first one is the list. Yes, I did subscribe but now I want out. I first tried their recommended way of unsubscribing and it told me I did. Then I started to get messages again. I tried replying but they conveniently put a "no_reply" address on their reply-to email address. I've tried emailing them directly and to the dns guy on the whois lookup.


That's a Linux one so I can deal with it, but what is worse? There is a windows one that I was somehow subscribed to that I just can't get rid of. What's the name...oh yeah - SearchWinIT - I have tried over and over again to get rid of this list mail but they just keep sending it. Must be a bug in their windows software. So typical.

If you guys get this then unsubscribe me. Your email goes directly into the trash so it's pretty pointless and waste of bandwidth to even send it. Especially that windows list because "I Don't Do Microsoft".

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quality TV on the Internet

So, I don't have an antenna and I don't have cable or a dish. I got rid of all these because at one point I couldn't really afford it and we just left them off later on. Recently I've been wanting to watch some tv and with the lack of an antenna it's been real difficult to watch my favorites.

I checked out the different websites for the major broadcast networks. Only one was free and quality material. The rest were either pricey or terrible on the network.

I'll start off with NBC. NBC carries my favorite shows such as the Law & Order series. I just can't get enough of Stabler so I really missed this one. Now, I have nothing against iTunes, in fact I buy music from iTunes all the time. I do not, however wish to buy television shows on iTunes-especially free ones. Don't get me started on music on the radio is free. Sure, but I can listen to a 2 minute song over and over again. I cannot watch the same tv show over and over again. iTunes has great quality--hey, look at the source--but is too pricey for me.

Next is CBS. I really miss CSI Las Vegas. Nick just makes me swoon and the boss is kind of cute too, plus the plot is really good. CSI Miami is okay, but I've really had enough of David Caruso for reasons other than his acting but I like the other characters. So, having CBS would be great. Unfortunately, their method of delivery is terrible and has some major problems in performance. It was such a bummer, too because that serial killer one was really interesting. It would die at the same place and have the Viva Viagra commercial over and over again. It was funny the first time, guys.

Fox has some great shows but I couldn't find how to actually watch a whole video. The clips offered were great so maybe they'll have the line up online, but I didn't see any longer shows to compare so I can't tell you how good they actually are.

The station with the best video and layout is ABC. I only like one show on ABC and that is Desperate Housewives. I was extremely happy because I could watch last season the whole weekend. I like how they did the commercials and overall they're the best one. I still don't get the voicemail guy though, what's that all about?

Online TV for local and public broadcasting still has a ways to go. I don't know why the regular stations can't tune into the Internet and broadcast like ABC does, but the again the people in the area I live in aren't big technology fans like I am. Forgive me, I come from the Silicon Valley. I live and breathe advanced and cool technology which is why I use a Mac and they don't.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jack Whittaker - Smile Okay?

Do you really blame the problems in your life and people begging you for money after you won the $315 million dollar Powerball game? In this article at they make it sound like you blame the lottery for your problems.

I respect that you've built a business, I think that is truly great and the American way. I respect that it is your right to win money and spend it how you want to. It's also your right to say what you want to.

With that said, and forgive me if I'm wrong, by the way the article states your life, you seem like you're blaming your problems winning the lottery and blaming others for being broke.

Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a business. I know, I've built a few but it's been very hard. I've made mistakes and one of those still haunts me and will forever. I could blame him for everything, and I tried that but it didn't work and all it did was make me unhappy and those around me bored.

So what you had millions and then won a ton of money and now people are bugging you for money. I suppose the probably did that before so didn't you expect it to happen? Why did you even play if you're just going to complain about it?

We're all sorry that you have problems. We all have problems too, but the only reason why you're and the news and we're not is because you are complaining about something that other people who are working extremely hard to even get a slice of and rubbing it in everyone's face. The majority of the people aren't beggars or losers, we're just a bunch of hard working Americans who would like the chance and I take offense of someone who might be just a little bit luckier than I am telling everyone that we are.

This is just butt ugly fashion to me

Literally, it's butt ugly because you can see someone's butt. See, where I come from this style has already come and gone. Perhaps it's come back, I don't know, but this article seems to think kids all around are embracing the icky look of baggy jeans that hang halfway down someone's rear end.

Sorry. Not in my house. We were lucky to escape that mess. I think when it became popular where we lived before my kids were too young to enjoy it. Now that we live in the backwoods of the United States it will probably become a big fad here. Yes, in fact I think it has because I noticed some not-so-young guy wearing pants hanging all the way down his butt with his boxers sticking out walking down the main street. I couldn't help myself but to laugh.


Would I allow my kids to wear this? Not a chance in hell. It represents gangsters in jail and rap star gang members who go around shooting each other. It's also very ugly.

I truly believe it has to do with what the kids who were popular either wore or watched on tv as they grew up and that influence has trickled down to their kids. You see, I truly enjoyed San Francisco and the modern rock era of the late 70s to the early 90s. Music was at its prime, as its coming back today. What we called popular style is now called emo. My son dresses like this and it's very cool. He doesn't have piercings because I'm hoping that fad goes away before he's old enough to understand that employers look at that as a bad thing.

So, I do have my limits and thank God he hasn't asked to wear horribly baggy pants because the answer would be no, but am I limiting his style to what other kids might be wearing? No way. He looks good, he looks hip, and the style is his own.

Goodbye ugly, baggy, gang member looking pants. Thank God my kids missed your time and so did I.

PS - No, I would NEVER date a guy who wore pants than bagged down to his butt. That is no sense of style at all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who in the Hell is Chris Crocker?

After Britney screwed up at the vma awards this guy came to fame with his YouTube videos. Now, I'm sure people had heard of him before, but after that so-called teary performance telling us to leave Britney alone, his name has taken the web by storm.

I have absolutely no clue who this guy is. It looks like a skit to me.

Chris Rocker - Queen of the Ghetto

I Like the Idea that I Know Where the Closest Sex Offender Lives

Personally, I'd rather see these guys stay in jail, but then that increases our taxes. Hell yes I want to know if some child molester moves in next door. Give me a break!

read all about it here.

Most of these guys never come clean and are back out there doing it all over again. No one's kid should ever get the chance to be molested.

I Want a Piece of the Internet Pie

It doesn't need to be a big slice, just one to live comfortably on.

So, why is it that it's so hard to get people to click on your google ads when others can make $30,000 per month? How do these so-called Internet professionals make all this money?

What is the big secret?

Sure, I've read all the hints by people like John Chow and Shoemoney and all I get is jealous. I want two 30" Apple flat screen monitors on my desk, darn it! I want to pay all my bills and not have to worry what is coming up next, but I don't want to be the next cookie cutter blog. I want to be different. I dare to be different.

At what cost is different though? Is it so different that you're no longer different because everyone else is trying to do the same thing you are?

I actually have an idea that I'm trying out but I have to make google behave and do the right thing. So far the google ads the content has generated aren't interesting enough. Yes, it's a niche market and it's only a few days old, but I really want it work because it's so much fun.

Am I going to tell you what it is here? No. You'll be hearing about it though because I'm going to market the hell out of it and when it is successful then I will tell you what it is.

Until then, wish me luck ;-)

Ride the S.L.U.T.

No way, this can't be real. I got this story from Digg. Don't people think of the acronyms before they make 'em?

Ride the SLUT. LOL

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CIA Keyword Phrases

I found this today while searching on google:

What an interesting site! These are the top phrases used by visitors of the Central Intelligence Agency website. You know, the organization that handles foreign affairs kind of like what the FBI does here but different?

Now, I have no clue why one of the top searches in June would be Finland, but check out what constantly his the list every month as one of the top searches. Yep, you got it: UFO. They even have a whole section dedicated to UFO.

Where would UFO land in the government files anyway? It's not a federal issue so it wouldn't be the FBI like the ever gorgeous Fox Mulder would like to believe. It wouldn't be the CIA because UFO's wouldn't exactly be foreign affairs, or would they? I mean, we've been known to call people from outside of the country "illegal aliens" so why wouldn't we call UFOs foreigners?

Think about it. The FBI is to obvious. Everyone knows everything about the FBI and as sexy as it might seem, they're just a bunch of federal cops. It's when you get deep into the minds of an organization you can barely touch is when you start to wonder.

Come on CIA guys, are there really men in black running around out there? Silent black helicopters? UFOs flying overhead? Aliens abduction our families? You can spill the beans.

Okay, maybe I'm reaching, but it was an interesting though.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Movie: The Last Time

I enjoyed this little dark comedy drama starring Brandon Fraser and Michael Keaton. Although the plot was obvious who would be the bad guy in the end, Fraser always plays the perfect, adorable dork. He's got that innocent smile that can't even possibly be deceiving because he simply can't play a bad guy.

Keaton, on the other hand, can play any role he likes and is very good at being the dark one. Yeah, he should have never left Batman and allowed those others to be the Dark Knight.

The movie is about a bunch of salesmen who have the strangest way to getting ahead. Now, I don't know how sales companies work, but I'm sure they don't go around slugging each other in the gut when it gets stressful. Do they? I mean, it makes me not want to buy anything from these guys.

Don't let your kids watch it as there is a lot of swearing and non-bloody but real violence. If you compare the silly violence that is really bloody from movies like Jason that is so unreal it can't possibly be normal and the punching and kicking in this movie is more like real life.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Toothache again

Been fighting that daily toothache pain again. Man, it's brutal. At least it's in peace though. LOL Kids are at school and I'm loving it!

I have been dabbing oil of orange on the tooth as it contains 80% alcohol and has a pleasant flavor. It seems to be working a little. I'm just waiting for my appointment so I can get that thing out of there!