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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let's talk lists and removing your name

I have two very annoying lists that I have tried so many different ways to get my name removed from that I'm about to scream. The first one is the list. Yes, I did subscribe but now I want out. I first tried their recommended way of unsubscribing and it told me I did. Then I started to get messages again. I tried replying but they conveniently put a "no_reply" address on their reply-to email address. I've tried emailing them directly and to the dns guy on the whois lookup.


That's a Linux one so I can deal with it, but what is worse? There is a windows one that I was somehow subscribed to that I just can't get rid of. What's the name...oh yeah - SearchWinIT - I have tried over and over again to get rid of this list mail but they just keep sending it. Must be a bug in their windows software. So typical.

If you guys get this then unsubscribe me. Your email goes directly into the trash so it's pretty pointless and waste of bandwidth to even send it. Especially that windows list because "I Don't Do Microsoft".
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