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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haven't We Gone Beyond These Racisit Pigs?

This totally brought tears to my eyes today. This innocent woman, just barely out of her teens was brutally, mercilessly, and horribly raped, beaten, cut, insulted, among other things by this group of uneducated, unthinking---geesh, I'm trying to think of terrible words to call these horrible racist and perverted thugs, but there are no words bad enough to call them. They're like worse than the slime on the top of their backyard outhouse.

If you read in this article here, you'll see this group of creeps kidnapped and held this young woman captive. The things they did to her were unspeakable.

Thank God the woman didn't die, but unfortunately it also means that some of these creeps will be back on the street again. Too bad we couldn't just give them the death penalty early. I know, that's a terrible thing to say, but how in the world do you punish for something like this?

Now listen carefully, it says that she might have been led there by a guy she met online. Hasn't anyone learned yet that you don't go meeting people online like this?

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