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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CIA Keyword Phrases

I found this today while searching on google:

What an interesting site! These are the top phrases used by visitors of the Central Intelligence Agency website. You know, the organization that handles foreign affairs kind of like what the FBI does here but different?

Now, I have no clue why one of the top searches in June would be Finland, but check out what constantly his the list every month as one of the top searches. Yep, you got it: UFO. They even have a whole section dedicated to UFO.

Where would UFO land in the government files anyway? It's not a federal issue so it wouldn't be the FBI like the ever gorgeous Fox Mulder would like to believe. It wouldn't be the CIA because UFO's wouldn't exactly be foreign affairs, or would they? I mean, we've been known to call people from outside of the country "illegal aliens" so why wouldn't we call UFOs foreigners?

Think about it. The FBI is to obvious. Everyone knows everything about the FBI and as sexy as it might seem, they're just a bunch of federal cops. It's when you get deep into the minds of an organization you can barely touch is when you start to wonder.

Come on CIA guys, are there really men in black running around out there? Silent black helicopters? UFOs flying overhead? Aliens abduction our families? You can spill the beans.

Okay, maybe I'm reaching, but it was an interesting though.
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