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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quality TV on the Internet

So, I don't have an antenna and I don't have cable or a dish. I got rid of all these because at one point I couldn't really afford it and we just left them off later on. Recently I've been wanting to watch some tv and with the lack of an antenna it's been real difficult to watch my favorites.

I checked out the different websites for the major broadcast networks. Only one was free and quality material. The rest were either pricey or terrible on the network.

I'll start off with NBC. NBC carries my favorite shows such as the Law & Order series. I just can't get enough of Stabler so I really missed this one. Now, I have nothing against iTunes, in fact I buy music from iTunes all the time. I do not, however wish to buy television shows on iTunes-especially free ones. Don't get me started on music on the radio is free. Sure, but I can listen to a 2 minute song over and over again. I cannot watch the same tv show over and over again. iTunes has great quality--hey, look at the source--but is too pricey for me.

Next is CBS. I really miss CSI Las Vegas. Nick just makes me swoon and the boss is kind of cute too, plus the plot is really good. CSI Miami is okay, but I've really had enough of David Caruso for reasons other than his acting but I like the other characters. So, having CBS would be great. Unfortunately, their method of delivery is terrible and has some major problems in performance. It was such a bummer, too because that serial killer one was really interesting. It would die at the same place and have the Viva Viagra commercial over and over again. It was funny the first time, guys.

Fox has some great shows but I couldn't find how to actually watch a whole video. The clips offered were great so maybe they'll have the line up online, but I didn't see any longer shows to compare so I can't tell you how good they actually are.

The station with the best video and layout is ABC. I only like one show on ABC and that is Desperate Housewives. I was extremely happy because I could watch last season the whole weekend. I like how they did the commercials and overall they're the best one. I still don't get the voicemail guy though, what's that all about?

Online TV for local and public broadcasting still has a ways to go. I don't know why the regular stations can't tune into the Internet and broadcast like ABC does, but the again the people in the area I live in aren't big technology fans like I am. Forgive me, I come from the Silicon Valley. I live and breathe advanced and cool technology which is why I use a Mac and they don't.
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