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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Movie: The Last Time

I enjoyed this little dark comedy drama starring Brandon Fraser and Michael Keaton. Although the plot was obvious who would be the bad guy in the end, Fraser always plays the perfect, adorable dork. He's got that innocent smile that can't even possibly be deceiving because he simply can't play a bad guy.

Keaton, on the other hand, can play any role he likes and is very good at being the dark one. Yeah, he should have never left Batman and allowed those others to be the Dark Knight.

The movie is about a bunch of salesmen who have the strangest way to getting ahead. Now, I don't know how sales companies work, but I'm sure they don't go around slugging each other in the gut when it gets stressful. Do they? I mean, it makes me not want to buy anything from these guys.

Don't let your kids watch it as there is a lot of swearing and non-bloody but real violence. If you compare the silly violence that is really bloody from movies like Jason that is so unreal it can't possibly be normal and the punching and kicking in this movie is more like real life.
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