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Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is just butt ugly fashion to me

Literally, it's butt ugly because you can see someone's butt. See, where I come from this style has already come and gone. Perhaps it's come back, I don't know, but this article seems to think kids all around are embracing the icky look of baggy jeans that hang halfway down someone's rear end.

Sorry. Not in my house. We were lucky to escape that mess. I think when it became popular where we lived before my kids were too young to enjoy it. Now that we live in the backwoods of the United States it will probably become a big fad here. Yes, in fact I think it has because I noticed some not-so-young guy wearing pants hanging all the way down his butt with his boxers sticking out walking down the main street. I couldn't help myself but to laugh.


Would I allow my kids to wear this? Not a chance in hell. It represents gangsters in jail and rap star gang members who go around shooting each other. It's also very ugly.

I truly believe it has to do with what the kids who were popular either wore or watched on tv as they grew up and that influence has trickled down to their kids. You see, I truly enjoyed San Francisco and the modern rock era of the late 70s to the early 90s. Music was at its prime, as its coming back today. What we called popular style is now called emo. My son dresses like this and it's very cool. He doesn't have piercings because I'm hoping that fad goes away before he's old enough to understand that employers look at that as a bad thing.

So, I do have my limits and thank God he hasn't asked to wear horribly baggy pants because the answer would be no, but am I limiting his style to what other kids might be wearing? No way. He looks good, he looks hip, and the style is his own.

Goodbye ugly, baggy, gang member looking pants. Thank God my kids missed your time and so did I.

PS - No, I would NEVER date a guy who wore pants than bagged down to his butt. That is no sense of style at all.
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