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Friday, August 31, 2007

DAF - Sex Up - I FOUND IT!!!

Yes, I'm screaming. I have been looking for this song for 20 years now. Why? I heard it at an underground night club in San Francisco back in 198-something. I used to love going to those - such good music - such style - such fun...anyway.

I knew who the band was but no one could ever tell me the name of the song and I could never find the LP then CDs came and LPs went away so I thought I was doomed because I don't believe it was ever released on a CD.

So, I found it. I was searching lyrics and all I could remember was "Sex" in the song until I remembered "You make me want to dance. You make me want to" and I searched on that (or something similar) and found it in a forum, then found the name of the song, then found it on You Tube. YAY!

OMG - I love that blond guy's hair. Funny, too. I just got my son's hair cut kind of like that tonight. No, I'm no going to make him wear the same clothes as the guy in the video. It's just such a coincidence that it's funny. Heck, I used to wear my hair like that! The problem is, I could only find ONE stylist who could do it and when I moved from San Francisco I could never find anyone who ever did it right again. They had all these great ideas for my hair, but always made me look like a bull dog. Ewww. Hated it. Anyway, maybe I should bring this picture in and say I want it like this guy's hair. LOL They'll look at me funny here because they won't get the style.

Anyway, the song I was looking for is the one in the second part of this video. The first one is good, too. The band is called D.A.F. (DaF) or Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft for German-American Friendship. Love these guys. Maybe I should open a post punk/electro/goth dance club here. ha ha. The town will never be the same.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poop Police - Maybe He Was Looking for Toilet Paper

Geesh. The cop arrests Sen. Larry Craig for something he hasn't even done. The guy goes into the bathroom and does some things that the cop thinks are illegal so he arrests him? Waving your hand under a stall and moving your feet out are illegal?? What? Maybe he had a big poop and needed to push it out. Maybe he needed some toilet paper. Maybe this cop is just a homophobe. He placed his luggage in front of the door? Maybe he didn't want some pervert looking in on him under the door. Did you think of that?

Come on! What kind of arrest is that Sgt. Dave Karsnia? The guy didn't even commit a damn crime. Was he having sex in the bathroom? No. Was he fondling anyone? No. Get some damn evidence before you act, officer.

Don't go potty in Minneapolis or the Minnesota poop police will get you! Be sure to read here to learn how to avoid the poop police. Oh, and watch this video it shows the stupidity of the cop in question. Love those shoes, too. Makes any suit look like a million ;-) Don't worry, I'm a native Californian, too. I wear black army boots with pretty dresses.

He should just sue the hell out of the police department now.

PS - Don't get me wrong - I love cops. I love men in uniform, actually. This cop, however, is on some rookie justice adventure trying to get his ticket quota in for the day. Hey, you know, his buddies downtown should actually take one of those phony dog poops and put it on his chair for the arrest of the day. He can show them what a big man he is for arresting an innocent man in the bathroom for nothing.


I totally live in the wrong state. I don't think I'd ever see a naked man walking down the street here much less with a cat wrapped around his neck! Come on now! In this boring place all I ever get are neighbors who wonder why my kids are just being kids and fighting with each other or calling the police on me because I'm screaming at the bat to get out of my house.

No, I get the boring 'I have to have child support issues so everyone else can share my problems' neighbor instead of the hot looking guy walking naked down the street.


Check it out Here

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My New Canary Sid Vicious

My mom brought me a late birthday present. Actually, it's so close to my birthday that I could call it an early one LOL

He came here a little nervous an young, but he's singing like crazy. He loves to sing when loud noises are going on. I'm not sure about my music though. I tried The Cure and he didn't sing. I'll have to try some others. He sang to the lawnmower and to my son's revving motorcycle game. Tomorrow I'm try him with The Network (a wicked cool band with some of Green Day's band members).

I am SO glad I didn't grow up in the 90s. I'm and 80s kid. LOVED the 80s. The 90s were gross. The music now is so cool!

Anyway, my canary's name is Sid Vicious. Yep - it fits.

So, this is me

Yeah, it really is. Except, I'm not a stoner. I hate drugs. I hate pot. Ick. I don't know where they got that idea.

You scored as punk, you scored as punk. cool. this means you don't like to be the same as everyone else. && you probably have good taste in music. Rock On.





emo kid


















what label fits you best?
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Give Someone You Love Something Special

OMG, these are so funny:

The above image is a stuffed animal of the herpes virus. They also have the clap, lice, bookworms, algae, and a bunch of other gross little critters.

Click on the image of the herpe bug to see more.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Cockatiels

Someone gave me two cockatiels and a cage the other day. I now see why they didn't want the poor birds. The birds are incredibly mean, and I believe someone at one time abused the poor things.

First, cockatiels mate for life. The love between to cockatiels is often called bonding. Two bonded birds are obvious to spot as they're like to lovers who are new to the scene. Unlike humans, the birds don't seem to tire of being around one another. They preen their partner's feathers, they sit very close together, they kiss and mate, and they even have cute little lover's quarrels without real pain.

My new birds? No way. When they fight, they hurt each other. When they sleep, they kind of sit close to one another, but just because they're friends and scared. When they eat, they eat alone. In fact, when she tries to eat while he's eating he snaps at her. These birds clearly never bonded. They should have never been left in the cage together.

I separated the birds for her sake. She was beaten up. He would just attack her her I tried to talk to either bird. I place the cages next to each other so they could have company at night. Two bonded birds would have screamed and yelled for each other even if the cages are so close together. These birds didn't. He did for a bit, but she has obviously had enough of his crap.

I believe that somewhere along the line someone had abused them. Why? Both birds have only one or two toe nails each. Sure, sometimes cockatiels lose their toenails or bite them off if there is an infection, but these two birds have too many missing. It might explain why they're so mean. I really feel bad for them.

It's going to take a long, long time to get these birds tame. I hope I have the patience. Cockatiels can be great friends and pets. I pity the person who hurt these guys because of all the goodness they missed out on. The only way to a cockatiel's heart is good friendship and patience.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Nitrous Righteous?

Not really. I guess it was okay. I went to have one tooth done (not the one I NEED done) and for the first time in my life I had nitrous. Did it hurt? No, but that's probably because it was just the tooth area and not the nerve. Then again, I didn't really care because I was a little bit in la la land. It didn't feel like he said it would--he actually said it would feel like I drank a six-pack of beer. Nah, it felt like I just didn't care.

The big test will be next month when I get the painful tooth done. I'm really NOT looking forward to that at all.

Monday, August 13, 2007

More Dentist Issues

So, I go see the "recommended" oral surgeon today and what was his response?

"Your teeth are no different than any other teeth. All teeth numb just the same."

What planet does this guy live on? He proceeds to say, "We can do nitrous to calm your nerves, but I think it's a waste of money because your teeth are the same as everyone else's teeth."

HELLO? Who has lived with these teeth for for 30+ years? Hello? Anyone home? Do you get electric shock when your dentist drills into MY mouth? No. Maybe it doesn't happen to YOUR mouth, but it does mine.

I almost got up and walked out, but I need to get this done so I asked the nurse (poor thing could see my nerves just going crazy) "Does the nitrous get rid of the pain as well as relax you?" and she responded with a yes.

I swear, once my teeth are done I'm going to write to the ADA about this guy and to the hospital. How dare he call me a liar about my pain.

If it was anything else I might be a little more calm about it, but he was such an arrogant son of a bitch about it that I'm extremely PO'ed. I'm not going to say anything until the work is done though, don't want any hard feelings while my mouth is open wide and I can't do anything even scream, you know?

So, it's going to be another month before I can get it done. Does he ask if it hurts at the moment? No. Does he ask about it at all? No. When I offer info, he shuts me up with some comment.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Movie Review: Incubus (2007)

I'm a vampire nut so after realizing there was a new movie called Incubus I thought I had a great, new vampire flick with special affects.


Incubus was a low budget (hopefully low budget) film about a group of friends who get stuck in medical lab of some sort. The movie was about some guy who was abused as a kid, I guess, you know, the movie was so bad I'm not even sure why he was in a coma. I guess I wasn't paying that much attention.

Anyway, the closest thing to an incubus was the blood and the sex scene at the end. That was it. The rest was just some movie about a psycho killer that shouldn't have been able to walk because of muscle atrophy. He had been in a coma for years.

I'm watching the end right now. The woman who survived is getting arrested. I am wondering though. She's looking at everything a little differently. I'm wondering if he got into her mind.

Since when does a police officer place a person in the back of the car while the windows is down? Especially a potential suspect?

A stupid movie with good ending music!

My Birthday Present

My mom brought over a present for me. It's the cutest little canary. I named him Sid after Sid Vicious. Yeah, I know, he's not the best role model in the world, but I love the Sex Pistols. I would haven named him Bowie, but I've already had a cat named Bowie. Thanks, Mom!

My Latest Read - Riding the Bullet by Stephen King

That last book I read on my Palm Treo was Riding the Bullet in Palm eReader format.

I enjoyed the story, but the ending was kind of boring. I hoped the ending was similar to the what it was, but then I was disappointed because it was how I wanted it. I can't really tell you more about the ending because then it would give away the story.

It's a short story so you're not going to read for hours upon hours getting to the end. A guy's mom has a stroke in the hospital and he has to hitch a ride to visit her. The first guy is a little creepy so he gets off the ride and decides to hitch ride with someone else. This is after he is frightened while walking through a graveyard.

The guy in the second car is kind of like the carriage to death and he gives the passenger a horrible decision to make: him or his mom. Which one will he pick?

For me, it's not really a keeper. I will keep it on the CD just in case the kids want to read it, but it wasn't so exciting that I'd keep it on my Palm and read it again. I expected a little more.

Movie: Disturbia

Okay, you all know why I post these movie reviews, right? Some might wonder why they're not as professional as a movie review from the paper. Do you know what? I don't care. These movie reviews are just my opinion about movies available through my Blockbuster account or at the movie theater. I have to do something with all the movies I watch, right?

The last movie I watched was Disturbia. Did I like it? Yes, I did! The movie wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn't even gross at all. So, you hack'em up and slice 'em dice 'em types won't think it's that great unless you like a good plot.

I loved the fact that the guy couldn't go 100 feet from his yard. I'm grateful he didn't just video record something obvious and then call the police and have it all solved. It was frustrating that he couldn't find anything at first, but unique the way it was caught.

Would I let my kids watch it? Not the youngest, of course, but the teens, sure! There was a little bit of swearing, some innocent sexual references that were more cute that sexual, and some obvious violence. It's nothing that a 13 yo hasn't seen or heard before.

It did really bug me about his account and why he couldn't log into it. Okay, first, I hated the fact that he had an XBox. Ick. Microsoft. Yuck. Then he tried to login to his dot mac account with - now for those who have a mac dot com account all know that you have to use and not What ticked me off even more is that it said example: on the window he was logging in from. That bugged me. It reminded me of years of hopeless technical support on computers when the answer was RIGHT THERE.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Out of it for the past few days

So I've been out of it for the past few days. I guess the dentist I went to in--geesh, I can't remember if she was in Pleasanton or Cupertino--anyway, she left a partial nerve in my root after a root canal. tooth is having major problems and I can't get in until the 15th.

I'm just curious, what is wrong with dentists these days? It's 2007 and they need to get with the program. I mean, why are we still drilling holes in our heads and pulling out bones through our gums? We can perform brain surgery and open heart surgery but we still cannot do a painless root canal.

I figure I'll have to go in soon so I don't get a major sinus or brain infection. Of course I'm not sure if we'll get there right away as my car broke down. Isn't it just one thing after another?

Anyway, back to the dentist. I go in there to get the darn thing pulled or whatever and I proceed to tell him I don't numb. Instead of offering me some other decent solution he says "so what are we going to do if we can't numb you?"

I'm thinking, "How the hell should I know? You're the dentist, not me!"

I start bawling my pretty head off (first time I've ever cried at the dentist) and he just starts blabbing about how he'll have to fill this other cavity and send me to an oral surgeon to get the tooth out.

Hell no! Don't touch my other tooth with that filthy needle!

Does he offer to use nitrous oxide? No. I didn't even know it was an option until someone told me.

Why is it that after all the years I've been to the dentist and I've told them I don't numb, and when they say "oh, it's okay, I'll go slow" like I'm some virgin on a first date they have NEVER offered nitrous oxide or offered to refer me to someone who did?

I found out later the dentist didn't do nitrous. I know other dentists in the office do so why didn't just offer to refer me to someone else?

If you're a dentist out there please realize that not everyone has perfect nerves. When I'm supposedly numbed and the dentist starts drilling I feel like I've placed my lips around a hot phone wire (yeah, I've done that) except unlike accidentally putting the live wire between my lips one, it's like pressing the dang thing in my mouth over and over again. I don't want you to say "raise your hand if it hurts" because I don't want it to hurt at all.

I don't care if you think some people have a higher threshold of pain. It doesn't matter. Maybe their roots don't hurt at all. Mine do. Sometimes when you drill one tooth in my head another one on the other side feels the pain. Yes, that's right--my wires are totally crossed. I had a molar with roots shaped in an L so the dentist couldn't do a root canal. She sent me to a specialist who couldn't even numb me until he drilled a hole into the bone to numb it directly. The day before he sent me home because he couldn't give me anymore novacaine.


I also want to know why the heck doctors will take you into the emergency room and fix you up if you have an infection and then send you the bill whereas a dentist will turn you away if you have an infected tooth but no checkbook with you. They're both deadly yet the teeth never seem that important to anyone.

Come on ADA, come up to 2007 and show us what you're made of. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing doesn't help everyone and you need to realize this one day.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Lost a Good Friend Recently

No, he didn't die or anything like that. I thought he was a good friend. I've known this guy for so long, I mean like forever and suddenly I'll probably never speak with him again.

You see, I had a bad couple of months last Spring with the loss of a job and almost losing one of my companies because of little people who would rather play on other people's computers instead of get a life (spammers). This friend promised to send me a bunch of things and yet never did. I mean, we're talking every night for months "I'm sorry, I didn't get around to it yet" so I was really kind of bitchy one night over chat after getting no sleep for a few months while fixing my server, not getting my package, and not hearing from him for a week or so.

Instead of embracing our friendship and accepting that I might be in a bad mood, he gets all angry at me for being "moody" over Yahoo!

Excuse me. I do have the right to be bitchy once in awhile, okay?

So I send this note as to why I'm bitchy and he goes all psycho on me telling me that I'm desperate for telling him all this stuff, etc etc etc.


Back up?



No way. I told him that a real friend would have answered back and instead of writing off our 25 year friendship, would have called or told me that things will turn around. No, he went psycho on me. Good grief.

Yeah, I dumped a lot of stuff on his mind that night, and you know what? He's dumped a lot of stuff on me and I listened. Then again, I never made promises I failed to keep.

So, who knows what will ever happen. I'm angry that a good friend is gone, but now I'm angrier that I don't think I ever had him as a friend to begin with.

What's a Girl to Do?

My car died today. It almost died on a one-way street yet I managed to get it parked in the parking lot of the courthouse. Yeah, I know. I didn't even have a pen to write a note.

It's been ready to die for some time and I just haven't been able to fix it. Now, hopefully it won't get towed. The car had an oil leak and suddenly it got worse. I had put two quarts in the other day then the light came on today. I pulled into the gas station and put three quarts in but it leaked all the way down to the courthouse.


I have no money to get it fixed and no money to to buy a new one.

This wouldn't be a big deal if we still lived in California and were close to the schools and shopping. We do live close to schools and shopping here, but I'm not going to walk my kids to school in 20 degree weather, especially with arthritis. Sorry. Not going to do it.

So, here I sit and try to figure out where I'll get a ride for the dentist appointments, school, etc or maybe the money to fix or buy a new one.


The Problem With Job Hunting

I'm a freelance author and web developer so I do a lot of researching for new markets. What I'm tired of seeing are companies that do not list their information in their posting.

Here's an example from this link:

Because of the copyright terms on craigslist I cannot copy the text for you to view. Please click on the link above.

The problem with this article is the lack of contact information. There are so many people getting spammed and into trouble with illegal jobs because they're just not doing their research.

What you should not do in responding to this article:

  • Do not send your resume
  • Do not send from your personal email account
  • Do not send your private information
  • Do not send your full name

Why? Do you know who you're giving your information to? No, you don't. All you have is a blind email address. What you need to do is create a dummy email at a service such as Yahoo! and respond using this new email address asking for more information about the company, the posters name, etc.

Once you receive this information then do your research. Get the URL and look up the contact information. Do a search on the names given. Call the company and confirm the posting. This is the least you can do to protect yourself!

What can happen if you do not follow the above suggestions?

  • Your email account could be used in harvesting for spam and then you'll never get back again.
  • Your private information could be used in a scam.
  • Some creep could get your home address and harass you.
  • You could be implicated in some crime.
  • You could be subject to credit card or identification fraud.

Protect your identity and do not openly answer blind listings no matter where they're posted or who gives you the information. Do you homework and please your own curiosity for your own safety.