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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Movie: Disturbia

Okay, you all know why I post these movie reviews, right? Some might wonder why they're not as professional as a movie review from the paper. Do you know what? I don't care. These movie reviews are just my opinion about movies available through my Blockbuster account or at the movie theater. I have to do something with all the movies I watch, right?

The last movie I watched was Disturbia. Did I like it? Yes, I did! The movie wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn't even gross at all. So, you hack'em up and slice 'em dice 'em types won't think it's that great unless you like a good plot.

I loved the fact that the guy couldn't go 100 feet from his yard. I'm grateful he didn't just video record something obvious and then call the police and have it all solved. It was frustrating that he couldn't find anything at first, but unique the way it was caught.

Would I let my kids watch it? Not the youngest, of course, but the teens, sure! There was a little bit of swearing, some innocent sexual references that were more cute that sexual, and some obvious violence. It's nothing that a 13 yo hasn't seen or heard before.

It did really bug me about his account and why he couldn't log into it. Okay, first, I hated the fact that he had an XBox. Ick. Microsoft. Yuck. Then he tried to login to his dot mac account with - now for those who have a mac dot com account all know that you have to use and not What ticked me off even more is that it said example: on the window he was logging in from. That bugged me. It reminded me of years of hopeless technical support on computers when the answer was RIGHT THERE.
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