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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Lost a Good Friend Recently

No, he didn't die or anything like that. I thought he was a good friend. I've known this guy for so long, I mean like forever and suddenly I'll probably never speak with him again.

You see, I had a bad couple of months last Spring with the loss of a job and almost losing one of my companies because of little people who would rather play on other people's computers instead of get a life (spammers). This friend promised to send me a bunch of things and yet never did. I mean, we're talking every night for months "I'm sorry, I didn't get around to it yet" so I was really kind of bitchy one night over chat after getting no sleep for a few months while fixing my server, not getting my package, and not hearing from him for a week or so.

Instead of embracing our friendship and accepting that I might be in a bad mood, he gets all angry at me for being "moody" over Yahoo!

Excuse me. I do have the right to be bitchy once in awhile, okay?

So I send this note as to why I'm bitchy and he goes all psycho on me telling me that I'm desperate for telling him all this stuff, etc etc etc.


Back up?



No way. I told him that a real friend would have answered back and instead of writing off our 25 year friendship, would have called or told me that things will turn around. No, he went psycho on me. Good grief.

Yeah, I dumped a lot of stuff on his mind that night, and you know what? He's dumped a lot of stuff on me and I listened. Then again, I never made promises I failed to keep.

So, who knows what will ever happen. I'm angry that a good friend is gone, but now I'm angrier that I don't think I ever had him as a friend to begin with.
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