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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poop Police - Maybe He Was Looking for Toilet Paper

Geesh. The cop arrests Sen. Larry Craig for something he hasn't even done. The guy goes into the bathroom and does some things that the cop thinks are illegal so he arrests him? Waving your hand under a stall and moving your feet out are illegal?? What? Maybe he had a big poop and needed to push it out. Maybe he needed some toilet paper. Maybe this cop is just a homophobe. He placed his luggage in front of the door? Maybe he didn't want some pervert looking in on him under the door. Did you think of that?

Come on! What kind of arrest is that Sgt. Dave Karsnia? The guy didn't even commit a damn crime. Was he having sex in the bathroom? No. Was he fondling anyone? No. Get some damn evidence before you act, officer.

Don't go potty in Minneapolis or the Minnesota poop police will get you! Be sure to read here to learn how to avoid the poop police. Oh, and watch this video it shows the stupidity of the cop in question. Love those shoes, too. Makes any suit look like a million ;-) Don't worry, I'm a native Californian, too. I wear black army boots with pretty dresses.

He should just sue the hell out of the police department now.

PS - Don't get me wrong - I love cops. I love men in uniform, actually. This cop, however, is on some rookie justice adventure trying to get his ticket quota in for the day. Hey, you know, his buddies downtown should actually take one of those phony dog poops and put it on his chair for the arrest of the day. He can show them what a big man he is for arresting an innocent man in the bathroom for nothing.
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