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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What's a Girl to Do?

My car died today. It almost died on a one-way street yet I managed to get it parked in the parking lot of the courthouse. Yeah, I know. I didn't even have a pen to write a note.

It's been ready to die for some time and I just haven't been able to fix it. Now, hopefully it won't get towed. The car had an oil leak and suddenly it got worse. I had put two quarts in the other day then the light came on today. I pulled into the gas station and put three quarts in but it leaked all the way down to the courthouse.


I have no money to get it fixed and no money to to buy a new one.

This wouldn't be a big deal if we still lived in California and were close to the schools and shopping. We do live close to schools and shopping here, but I'm not going to walk my kids to school in 20 degree weather, especially with arthritis. Sorry. Not going to do it.

So, here I sit and try to figure out where I'll get a ride for the dentist appointments, school, etc or maybe the money to fix or buy a new one.

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