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Friday, August 31, 2007

DAF - Sex Up - I FOUND IT!!!

Yes, I'm screaming. I have been looking for this song for 20 years now. Why? I heard it at an underground night club in San Francisco back in 198-something. I used to love going to those - such good music - such style - such fun...anyway.

I knew who the band was but no one could ever tell me the name of the song and I could never find the LP then CDs came and LPs went away so I thought I was doomed because I don't believe it was ever released on a CD.

So, I found it. I was searching lyrics and all I could remember was "Sex" in the song until I remembered "You make me want to dance. You make me want to" and I searched on that (or something similar) and found it in a forum, then found the name of the song, then found it on You Tube. YAY!

OMG - I love that blond guy's hair. Funny, too. I just got my son's hair cut kind of like that tonight. No, I'm no going to make him wear the same clothes as the guy in the video. It's just such a coincidence that it's funny. Heck, I used to wear my hair like that! The problem is, I could only find ONE stylist who could do it and when I moved from San Francisco I could never find anyone who ever did it right again. They had all these great ideas for my hair, but always made me look like a bull dog. Ewww. Hated it. Anyway, maybe I should bring this picture in and say I want it like this guy's hair. LOL They'll look at me funny here because they won't get the style.

Anyway, the song I was looking for is the one in the second part of this video. The first one is good, too. The band is called D.A.F. (DaF) or Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft for German-American Friendship. Love these guys. Maybe I should open a post punk/electro/goth dance club here. ha ha. The town will never be the same.

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