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Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Latest Read - Riding the Bullet by Stephen King

That last book I read on my Palm Treo was Riding the Bullet in Palm eReader format.

I enjoyed the story, but the ending was kind of boring. I hoped the ending was similar to the what it was, but then I was disappointed because it was how I wanted it. I can't really tell you more about the ending because then it would give away the story.

It's a short story so you're not going to read for hours upon hours getting to the end. A guy's mom has a stroke in the hospital and he has to hitch a ride to visit her. The first guy is a little creepy so he gets off the ride and decides to hitch ride with someone else. This is after he is frightened while walking through a graveyard.

The guy in the second car is kind of like the carriage to death and he gives the passenger a horrible decision to make: him or his mom. Which one will he pick?

For me, it's not really a keeper. I will keep it on the CD just in case the kids want to read it, but it wasn't so exciting that I'd keep it on my Palm and read it again. I expected a little more.
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