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Friday, October 12, 2007

no clue what this brings on check it out

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You're kidding me

If this is really an Access Hollywood tape, where is the interviewer?

He looks like Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Yay! I can get the new one on

Long live ABC!

Ack, it's only a review of everything that happened before. Dang it!

love is in the air...or not

So, I have these two cockatiels that someone gave me and they weren't bonded at all. They actually acted like they hated each other. When cockatiels mate, they mate for life. They love each other and preen each other. They will feed one another and kiss. Mine did none of that. In face, the female hates him.

So, I separated the birds and realized that his cage bars were too small. I moved him back in the cage. Last night I heard some funny noises, turned around, and I was completely embarrassed. They two bonding in the closest way. At least I thought then had bonded.

Nope. She won't let him touch her again. Man, she's just a tease. One minute she lets him touch her and the next she backhands him with her beak. They're the strangest pair of birds I've ever seen.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

out for a piss

Okay, so how many of you know what that means? I'm sure I already know what those in the US said. Taking a pee, right?

Let's clean up our international relations here. In the UK it means out for drinks or getting drunk.

So, the next time someone who is British asks you if you are out of a piss and you're out drink then say yes you are!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haven't We Gone Beyond These Racisit Pigs?

This totally brought tears to my eyes today. This innocent woman, just barely out of her teens was brutally, mercilessly, and horribly raped, beaten, cut, insulted, among other things by this group of uneducated, unthinking---geesh, I'm trying to think of terrible words to call these horrible racist and perverted thugs, but there are no words bad enough to call them. They're like worse than the slime on the top of their backyard outhouse.

If you read in this article here, you'll see this group of creeps kidnapped and held this young woman captive. The things they did to her were unspeakable.

Thank God the woman didn't die, but unfortunately it also means that some of these creeps will be back on the street again. Too bad we couldn't just give them the death penalty early. I know, that's a terrible thing to say, but how in the world do you punish for something like this?

Now listen carefully, it says that she might have been led there by a guy she met online. Hasn't anyone learned yet that you don't go meeting people online like this?

Let's talk lists and removing your name

I have two very annoying lists that I have tried so many different ways to get my name removed from that I'm about to scream. The first one is the list. Yes, I did subscribe but now I want out. I first tried their recommended way of unsubscribing and it told me I did. Then I started to get messages again. I tried replying but they conveniently put a "no_reply" address on their reply-to email address. I've tried emailing them directly and to the dns guy on the whois lookup.


That's a Linux one so I can deal with it, but what is worse? There is a windows one that I was somehow subscribed to that I just can't get rid of. What's the name...oh yeah - SearchWinIT - I have tried over and over again to get rid of this list mail but they just keep sending it. Must be a bug in their windows software. So typical.

If you guys get this then unsubscribe me. Your email goes directly into the trash so it's pretty pointless and waste of bandwidth to even send it. Especially that windows list because "I Don't Do Microsoft".

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quality TV on the Internet

So, I don't have an antenna and I don't have cable or a dish. I got rid of all these because at one point I couldn't really afford it and we just left them off later on. Recently I've been wanting to watch some tv and with the lack of an antenna it's been real difficult to watch my favorites.

I checked out the different websites for the major broadcast networks. Only one was free and quality material. The rest were either pricey or terrible on the network.

I'll start off with NBC. NBC carries my favorite shows such as the Law & Order series. I just can't get enough of Stabler so I really missed this one. Now, I have nothing against iTunes, in fact I buy music from iTunes all the time. I do not, however wish to buy television shows on iTunes-especially free ones. Don't get me started on music on the radio is free. Sure, but I can listen to a 2 minute song over and over again. I cannot watch the same tv show over and over again. iTunes has great quality--hey, look at the source--but is too pricey for me.

Next is CBS. I really miss CSI Las Vegas. Nick just makes me swoon and the boss is kind of cute too, plus the plot is really good. CSI Miami is okay, but I've really had enough of David Caruso for reasons other than his acting but I like the other characters. So, having CBS would be great. Unfortunately, their method of delivery is terrible and has some major problems in performance. It was such a bummer, too because that serial killer one was really interesting. It would die at the same place and have the Viva Viagra commercial over and over again. It was funny the first time, guys.

Fox has some great shows but I couldn't find how to actually watch a whole video. The clips offered were great so maybe they'll have the line up online, but I didn't see any longer shows to compare so I can't tell you how good they actually are.

The station with the best video and layout is ABC. I only like one show on ABC and that is Desperate Housewives. I was extremely happy because I could watch last season the whole weekend. I like how they did the commercials and overall they're the best one. I still don't get the voicemail guy though, what's that all about?

Online TV for local and public broadcasting still has a ways to go. I don't know why the regular stations can't tune into the Internet and broadcast like ABC does, but the again the people in the area I live in aren't big technology fans like I am. Forgive me, I come from the Silicon Valley. I live and breathe advanced and cool technology which is why I use a Mac and they don't.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jack Whittaker - Smile Okay?

Do you really blame the problems in your life and people begging you for money after you won the $315 million dollar Powerball game? In this article at they make it sound like you blame the lottery for your problems.

I respect that you've built a business, I think that is truly great and the American way. I respect that it is your right to win money and spend it how you want to. It's also your right to say what you want to.

With that said, and forgive me if I'm wrong, by the way the article states your life, you seem like you're blaming your problems winning the lottery and blaming others for being broke.

Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a business. I know, I've built a few but it's been very hard. I've made mistakes and one of those still haunts me and will forever. I could blame him for everything, and I tried that but it didn't work and all it did was make me unhappy and those around me bored.

So what you had millions and then won a ton of money and now people are bugging you for money. I suppose the probably did that before so didn't you expect it to happen? Why did you even play if you're just going to complain about it?

We're all sorry that you have problems. We all have problems too, but the only reason why you're and the news and we're not is because you are complaining about something that other people who are working extremely hard to even get a slice of and rubbing it in everyone's face. The majority of the people aren't beggars or losers, we're just a bunch of hard working Americans who would like the chance and I take offense of someone who might be just a little bit luckier than I am telling everyone that we are.

This is just butt ugly fashion to me

Literally, it's butt ugly because you can see someone's butt. See, where I come from this style has already come and gone. Perhaps it's come back, I don't know, but this article seems to think kids all around are embracing the icky look of baggy jeans that hang halfway down someone's rear end.

Sorry. Not in my house. We were lucky to escape that mess. I think when it became popular where we lived before my kids were too young to enjoy it. Now that we live in the backwoods of the United States it will probably become a big fad here. Yes, in fact I think it has because I noticed some not-so-young guy wearing pants hanging all the way down his butt with his boxers sticking out walking down the main street. I couldn't help myself but to laugh.


Would I allow my kids to wear this? Not a chance in hell. It represents gangsters in jail and rap star gang members who go around shooting each other. It's also very ugly.

I truly believe it has to do with what the kids who were popular either wore or watched on tv as they grew up and that influence has trickled down to their kids. You see, I truly enjoyed San Francisco and the modern rock era of the late 70s to the early 90s. Music was at its prime, as its coming back today. What we called popular style is now called emo. My son dresses like this and it's very cool. He doesn't have piercings because I'm hoping that fad goes away before he's old enough to understand that employers look at that as a bad thing.

So, I do have my limits and thank God he hasn't asked to wear horribly baggy pants because the answer would be no, but am I limiting his style to what other kids might be wearing? No way. He looks good, he looks hip, and the style is his own.

Goodbye ugly, baggy, gang member looking pants. Thank God my kids missed your time and so did I.

PS - No, I would NEVER date a guy who wore pants than bagged down to his butt. That is no sense of style at all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who in the Hell is Chris Crocker?

After Britney screwed up at the vma awards this guy came to fame with his YouTube videos. Now, I'm sure people had heard of him before, but after that so-called teary performance telling us to leave Britney alone, his name has taken the web by storm.

I have absolutely no clue who this guy is. It looks like a skit to me.

Chris Rocker - Queen of the Ghetto

I Like the Idea that I Know Where the Closest Sex Offender Lives

Personally, I'd rather see these guys stay in jail, but then that increases our taxes. Hell yes I want to know if some child molester moves in next door. Give me a break!

read all about it here.

Most of these guys never come clean and are back out there doing it all over again. No one's kid should ever get the chance to be molested.

I Want a Piece of the Internet Pie

It doesn't need to be a big slice, just one to live comfortably on.

So, why is it that it's so hard to get people to click on your google ads when others can make $30,000 per month? How do these so-called Internet professionals make all this money?

What is the big secret?

Sure, I've read all the hints by people like John Chow and Shoemoney and all I get is jealous. I want two 30" Apple flat screen monitors on my desk, darn it! I want to pay all my bills and not have to worry what is coming up next, but I don't want to be the next cookie cutter blog. I want to be different. I dare to be different.

At what cost is different though? Is it so different that you're no longer different because everyone else is trying to do the same thing you are?

I actually have an idea that I'm trying out but I have to make google behave and do the right thing. So far the google ads the content has generated aren't interesting enough. Yes, it's a niche market and it's only a few days old, but I really want it work because it's so much fun.

Am I going to tell you what it is here? No. You'll be hearing about it though because I'm going to market the hell out of it and when it is successful then I will tell you what it is.

Until then, wish me luck ;-)

Ride the S.L.U.T.

No way, this can't be real. I got this story from Digg. Don't people think of the acronyms before they make 'em?

Ride the SLUT. LOL

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CIA Keyword Phrases

I found this today while searching on google:

What an interesting site! These are the top phrases used by visitors of the Central Intelligence Agency website. You know, the organization that handles foreign affairs kind of like what the FBI does here but different?

Now, I have no clue why one of the top searches in June would be Finland, but check out what constantly his the list every month as one of the top searches. Yep, you got it: UFO. They even have a whole section dedicated to UFO.

Where would UFO land in the government files anyway? It's not a federal issue so it wouldn't be the FBI like the ever gorgeous Fox Mulder would like to believe. It wouldn't be the CIA because UFO's wouldn't exactly be foreign affairs, or would they? I mean, we've been known to call people from outside of the country "illegal aliens" so why wouldn't we call UFOs foreigners?

Think about it. The FBI is to obvious. Everyone knows everything about the FBI and as sexy as it might seem, they're just a bunch of federal cops. It's when you get deep into the minds of an organization you can barely touch is when you start to wonder.

Come on CIA guys, are there really men in black running around out there? Silent black helicopters? UFOs flying overhead? Aliens abduction our families? You can spill the beans.

Okay, maybe I'm reaching, but it was an interesting though.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Movie: The Last Time

I enjoyed this little dark comedy drama starring Brandon Fraser and Michael Keaton. Although the plot was obvious who would be the bad guy in the end, Fraser always plays the perfect, adorable dork. He's got that innocent smile that can't even possibly be deceiving because he simply can't play a bad guy.

Keaton, on the other hand, can play any role he likes and is very good at being the dark one. Yeah, he should have never left Batman and allowed those others to be the Dark Knight.

The movie is about a bunch of salesmen who have the strangest way to getting ahead. Now, I don't know how sales companies work, but I'm sure they don't go around slugging each other in the gut when it gets stressful. Do they? I mean, it makes me not want to buy anything from these guys.

Don't let your kids watch it as there is a lot of swearing and non-bloody but real violence. If you compare the silly violence that is really bloody from movies like Jason that is so unreal it can't possibly be normal and the punching and kicking in this movie is more like real life.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Toothache again

Been fighting that daily toothache pain again. Man, it's brutal. At least it's in peace though. LOL Kids are at school and I'm loving it!

I have been dabbing oil of orange on the tooth as it contains 80% alcohol and has a pleasant flavor. It seems to be working a little. I'm just waiting for my appointment so I can get that thing out of there!

Friday, August 31, 2007

DAF - Sex Up - I FOUND IT!!!

Yes, I'm screaming. I have been looking for this song for 20 years now. Why? I heard it at an underground night club in San Francisco back in 198-something. I used to love going to those - such good music - such style - such fun...anyway.

I knew who the band was but no one could ever tell me the name of the song and I could never find the LP then CDs came and LPs went away so I thought I was doomed because I don't believe it was ever released on a CD.

So, I found it. I was searching lyrics and all I could remember was "Sex" in the song until I remembered "You make me want to dance. You make me want to" and I searched on that (or something similar) and found it in a forum, then found the name of the song, then found it on You Tube. YAY!

OMG - I love that blond guy's hair. Funny, too. I just got my son's hair cut kind of like that tonight. No, I'm no going to make him wear the same clothes as the guy in the video. It's just such a coincidence that it's funny. Heck, I used to wear my hair like that! The problem is, I could only find ONE stylist who could do it and when I moved from San Francisco I could never find anyone who ever did it right again. They had all these great ideas for my hair, but always made me look like a bull dog. Ewww. Hated it. Anyway, maybe I should bring this picture in and say I want it like this guy's hair. LOL They'll look at me funny here because they won't get the style.

Anyway, the song I was looking for is the one in the second part of this video. The first one is good, too. The band is called D.A.F. (DaF) or Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft for German-American Friendship. Love these guys. Maybe I should open a post punk/electro/goth dance club here. ha ha. The town will never be the same.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poop Police - Maybe He Was Looking for Toilet Paper

Geesh. The cop arrests Sen. Larry Craig for something he hasn't even done. The guy goes into the bathroom and does some things that the cop thinks are illegal so he arrests him? Waving your hand under a stall and moving your feet out are illegal?? What? Maybe he had a big poop and needed to push it out. Maybe he needed some toilet paper. Maybe this cop is just a homophobe. He placed his luggage in front of the door? Maybe he didn't want some pervert looking in on him under the door. Did you think of that?

Come on! What kind of arrest is that Sgt. Dave Karsnia? The guy didn't even commit a damn crime. Was he having sex in the bathroom? No. Was he fondling anyone? No. Get some damn evidence before you act, officer.

Don't go potty in Minneapolis or the Minnesota poop police will get you! Be sure to read here to learn how to avoid the poop police. Oh, and watch this video it shows the stupidity of the cop in question. Love those shoes, too. Makes any suit look like a million ;-) Don't worry, I'm a native Californian, too. I wear black army boots with pretty dresses.

He should just sue the hell out of the police department now.

PS - Don't get me wrong - I love cops. I love men in uniform, actually. This cop, however, is on some rookie justice adventure trying to get his ticket quota in for the day. Hey, you know, his buddies downtown should actually take one of those phony dog poops and put it on his chair for the arrest of the day. He can show them what a big man he is for arresting an innocent man in the bathroom for nothing.


I totally live in the wrong state. I don't think I'd ever see a naked man walking down the street here much less with a cat wrapped around his neck! Come on now! In this boring place all I ever get are neighbors who wonder why my kids are just being kids and fighting with each other or calling the police on me because I'm screaming at the bat to get out of my house.

No, I get the boring 'I have to have child support issues so everyone else can share my problems' neighbor instead of the hot looking guy walking naked down the street.


Check it out Here

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My New Canary Sid Vicious

My mom brought me a late birthday present. Actually, it's so close to my birthday that I could call it an early one LOL

He came here a little nervous an young, but he's singing like crazy. He loves to sing when loud noises are going on. I'm not sure about my music though. I tried The Cure and he didn't sing. I'll have to try some others. He sang to the lawnmower and to my son's revving motorcycle game. Tomorrow I'm try him with The Network (a wicked cool band with some of Green Day's band members).

I am SO glad I didn't grow up in the 90s. I'm and 80s kid. LOVED the 80s. The 90s were gross. The music now is so cool!

Anyway, my canary's name is Sid Vicious. Yep - it fits.

So, this is me

Yeah, it really is. Except, I'm not a stoner. I hate drugs. I hate pot. Ick. I don't know where they got that idea.

You scored as punk, you scored as punk. cool. this means you don't like to be the same as everyone else. && you probably have good taste in music. Rock On.





emo kid


















what label fits you best?
created with

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Give Someone You Love Something Special

OMG, these are so funny:

The above image is a stuffed animal of the herpes virus. They also have the clap, lice, bookworms, algae, and a bunch of other gross little critters.

Click on the image of the herpe bug to see more.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Cockatiels

Someone gave me two cockatiels and a cage the other day. I now see why they didn't want the poor birds. The birds are incredibly mean, and I believe someone at one time abused the poor things.

First, cockatiels mate for life. The love between to cockatiels is often called bonding. Two bonded birds are obvious to spot as they're like to lovers who are new to the scene. Unlike humans, the birds don't seem to tire of being around one another. They preen their partner's feathers, they sit very close together, they kiss and mate, and they even have cute little lover's quarrels without real pain.

My new birds? No way. When they fight, they hurt each other. When they sleep, they kind of sit close to one another, but just because they're friends and scared. When they eat, they eat alone. In fact, when she tries to eat while he's eating he snaps at her. These birds clearly never bonded. They should have never been left in the cage together.

I separated the birds for her sake. She was beaten up. He would just attack her her I tried to talk to either bird. I place the cages next to each other so they could have company at night. Two bonded birds would have screamed and yelled for each other even if the cages are so close together. These birds didn't. He did for a bit, but she has obviously had enough of his crap.

I believe that somewhere along the line someone had abused them. Why? Both birds have only one or two toe nails each. Sure, sometimes cockatiels lose their toenails or bite them off if there is an infection, but these two birds have too many missing. It might explain why they're so mean. I really feel bad for them.

It's going to take a long, long time to get these birds tame. I hope I have the patience. Cockatiels can be great friends and pets. I pity the person who hurt these guys because of all the goodness they missed out on. The only way to a cockatiel's heart is good friendship and patience.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Nitrous Righteous?

Not really. I guess it was okay. I went to have one tooth done (not the one I NEED done) and for the first time in my life I had nitrous. Did it hurt? No, but that's probably because it was just the tooth area and not the nerve. Then again, I didn't really care because I was a little bit in la la land. It didn't feel like he said it would--he actually said it would feel like I drank a six-pack of beer. Nah, it felt like I just didn't care.

The big test will be next month when I get the painful tooth done. I'm really NOT looking forward to that at all.

Monday, August 13, 2007

More Dentist Issues

So, I go see the "recommended" oral surgeon today and what was his response?

"Your teeth are no different than any other teeth. All teeth numb just the same."

What planet does this guy live on? He proceeds to say, "We can do nitrous to calm your nerves, but I think it's a waste of money because your teeth are the same as everyone else's teeth."

HELLO? Who has lived with these teeth for for 30+ years? Hello? Anyone home? Do you get electric shock when your dentist drills into MY mouth? No. Maybe it doesn't happen to YOUR mouth, but it does mine.

I almost got up and walked out, but I need to get this done so I asked the nurse (poor thing could see my nerves just going crazy) "Does the nitrous get rid of the pain as well as relax you?" and she responded with a yes.

I swear, once my teeth are done I'm going to write to the ADA about this guy and to the hospital. How dare he call me a liar about my pain.

If it was anything else I might be a little more calm about it, but he was such an arrogant son of a bitch about it that I'm extremely PO'ed. I'm not going to say anything until the work is done though, don't want any hard feelings while my mouth is open wide and I can't do anything even scream, you know?

So, it's going to be another month before I can get it done. Does he ask if it hurts at the moment? No. Does he ask about it at all? No. When I offer info, he shuts me up with some comment.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Movie Review: Incubus (2007)

I'm a vampire nut so after realizing there was a new movie called Incubus I thought I had a great, new vampire flick with special affects.


Incubus was a low budget (hopefully low budget) film about a group of friends who get stuck in medical lab of some sort. The movie was about some guy who was abused as a kid, I guess, you know, the movie was so bad I'm not even sure why he was in a coma. I guess I wasn't paying that much attention.

Anyway, the closest thing to an incubus was the blood and the sex scene at the end. That was it. The rest was just some movie about a psycho killer that shouldn't have been able to walk because of muscle atrophy. He had been in a coma for years.

I'm watching the end right now. The woman who survived is getting arrested. I am wondering though. She's looking at everything a little differently. I'm wondering if he got into her mind.

Since when does a police officer place a person in the back of the car while the windows is down? Especially a potential suspect?

A stupid movie with good ending music!

My Birthday Present

My mom brought over a present for me. It's the cutest little canary. I named him Sid after Sid Vicious. Yeah, I know, he's not the best role model in the world, but I love the Sex Pistols. I would haven named him Bowie, but I've already had a cat named Bowie. Thanks, Mom!

My Latest Read - Riding the Bullet by Stephen King

That last book I read on my Palm Treo was Riding the Bullet in Palm eReader format.

I enjoyed the story, but the ending was kind of boring. I hoped the ending was similar to the what it was, but then I was disappointed because it was how I wanted it. I can't really tell you more about the ending because then it would give away the story.

It's a short story so you're not going to read for hours upon hours getting to the end. A guy's mom has a stroke in the hospital and he has to hitch a ride to visit her. The first guy is a little creepy so he gets off the ride and decides to hitch ride with someone else. This is after he is frightened while walking through a graveyard.

The guy in the second car is kind of like the carriage to death and he gives the passenger a horrible decision to make: him or his mom. Which one will he pick?

For me, it's not really a keeper. I will keep it on the CD just in case the kids want to read it, but it wasn't so exciting that I'd keep it on my Palm and read it again. I expected a little more.

Movie: Disturbia

Okay, you all know why I post these movie reviews, right? Some might wonder why they're not as professional as a movie review from the paper. Do you know what? I don't care. These movie reviews are just my opinion about movies available through my Blockbuster account or at the movie theater. I have to do something with all the movies I watch, right?

The last movie I watched was Disturbia. Did I like it? Yes, I did! The movie wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn't even gross at all. So, you hack'em up and slice 'em dice 'em types won't think it's that great unless you like a good plot.

I loved the fact that the guy couldn't go 100 feet from his yard. I'm grateful he didn't just video record something obvious and then call the police and have it all solved. It was frustrating that he couldn't find anything at first, but unique the way it was caught.

Would I let my kids watch it? Not the youngest, of course, but the teens, sure! There was a little bit of swearing, some innocent sexual references that were more cute that sexual, and some obvious violence. It's nothing that a 13 yo hasn't seen or heard before.

It did really bug me about his account and why he couldn't log into it. Okay, first, I hated the fact that he had an XBox. Ick. Microsoft. Yuck. Then he tried to login to his dot mac account with - now for those who have a mac dot com account all know that you have to use and not What ticked me off even more is that it said example: on the window he was logging in from. That bugged me. It reminded me of years of hopeless technical support on computers when the answer was RIGHT THERE.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Out of it for the past few days

So I've been out of it for the past few days. I guess the dentist I went to in--geesh, I can't remember if she was in Pleasanton or Cupertino--anyway, she left a partial nerve in my root after a root canal. tooth is having major problems and I can't get in until the 15th.

I'm just curious, what is wrong with dentists these days? It's 2007 and they need to get with the program. I mean, why are we still drilling holes in our heads and pulling out bones through our gums? We can perform brain surgery and open heart surgery but we still cannot do a painless root canal.

I figure I'll have to go in soon so I don't get a major sinus or brain infection. Of course I'm not sure if we'll get there right away as my car broke down. Isn't it just one thing after another?

Anyway, back to the dentist. I go in there to get the darn thing pulled or whatever and I proceed to tell him I don't numb. Instead of offering me some other decent solution he says "so what are we going to do if we can't numb you?"

I'm thinking, "How the hell should I know? You're the dentist, not me!"

I start bawling my pretty head off (first time I've ever cried at the dentist) and he just starts blabbing about how he'll have to fill this other cavity and send me to an oral surgeon to get the tooth out.

Hell no! Don't touch my other tooth with that filthy needle!

Does he offer to use nitrous oxide? No. I didn't even know it was an option until someone told me.

Why is it that after all the years I've been to the dentist and I've told them I don't numb, and when they say "oh, it's okay, I'll go slow" like I'm some virgin on a first date they have NEVER offered nitrous oxide or offered to refer me to someone who did?

I found out later the dentist didn't do nitrous. I know other dentists in the office do so why didn't just offer to refer me to someone else?

If you're a dentist out there please realize that not everyone has perfect nerves. When I'm supposedly numbed and the dentist starts drilling I feel like I've placed my lips around a hot phone wire (yeah, I've done that) except unlike accidentally putting the live wire between my lips one, it's like pressing the dang thing in my mouth over and over again. I don't want you to say "raise your hand if it hurts" because I don't want it to hurt at all.

I don't care if you think some people have a higher threshold of pain. It doesn't matter. Maybe their roots don't hurt at all. Mine do. Sometimes when you drill one tooth in my head another one on the other side feels the pain. Yes, that's right--my wires are totally crossed. I had a molar with roots shaped in an L so the dentist couldn't do a root canal. She sent me to a specialist who couldn't even numb me until he drilled a hole into the bone to numb it directly. The day before he sent me home because he couldn't give me anymore novacaine.


I also want to know why the heck doctors will take you into the emergency room and fix you up if you have an infection and then send you the bill whereas a dentist will turn you away if you have an infected tooth but no checkbook with you. They're both deadly yet the teeth never seem that important to anyone.

Come on ADA, come up to 2007 and show us what you're made of. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing doesn't help everyone and you need to realize this one day.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Lost a Good Friend Recently

No, he didn't die or anything like that. I thought he was a good friend. I've known this guy for so long, I mean like forever and suddenly I'll probably never speak with him again.

You see, I had a bad couple of months last Spring with the loss of a job and almost losing one of my companies because of little people who would rather play on other people's computers instead of get a life (spammers). This friend promised to send me a bunch of things and yet never did. I mean, we're talking every night for months "I'm sorry, I didn't get around to it yet" so I was really kind of bitchy one night over chat after getting no sleep for a few months while fixing my server, not getting my package, and not hearing from him for a week or so.

Instead of embracing our friendship and accepting that I might be in a bad mood, he gets all angry at me for being "moody" over Yahoo!

Excuse me. I do have the right to be bitchy once in awhile, okay?

So I send this note as to why I'm bitchy and he goes all psycho on me telling me that I'm desperate for telling him all this stuff, etc etc etc.


Back up?



No way. I told him that a real friend would have answered back and instead of writing off our 25 year friendship, would have called or told me that things will turn around. No, he went psycho on me. Good grief.

Yeah, I dumped a lot of stuff on his mind that night, and you know what? He's dumped a lot of stuff on me and I listened. Then again, I never made promises I failed to keep.

So, who knows what will ever happen. I'm angry that a good friend is gone, but now I'm angrier that I don't think I ever had him as a friend to begin with.

What's a Girl to Do?

My car died today. It almost died on a one-way street yet I managed to get it parked in the parking lot of the courthouse. Yeah, I know. I didn't even have a pen to write a note.

It's been ready to die for some time and I just haven't been able to fix it. Now, hopefully it won't get towed. The car had an oil leak and suddenly it got worse. I had put two quarts in the other day then the light came on today. I pulled into the gas station and put three quarts in but it leaked all the way down to the courthouse.


I have no money to get it fixed and no money to to buy a new one.

This wouldn't be a big deal if we still lived in California and were close to the schools and shopping. We do live close to schools and shopping here, but I'm not going to walk my kids to school in 20 degree weather, especially with arthritis. Sorry. Not going to do it.

So, here I sit and try to figure out where I'll get a ride for the dentist appointments, school, etc or maybe the money to fix or buy a new one.


The Problem With Job Hunting

I'm a freelance author and web developer so I do a lot of researching for new markets. What I'm tired of seeing are companies that do not list their information in their posting.

Here's an example from this link:

Because of the copyright terms on craigslist I cannot copy the text for you to view. Please click on the link above.

The problem with this article is the lack of contact information. There are so many people getting spammed and into trouble with illegal jobs because they're just not doing their research.

What you should not do in responding to this article:

  • Do not send your resume
  • Do not send from your personal email account
  • Do not send your private information
  • Do not send your full name

Why? Do you know who you're giving your information to? No, you don't. All you have is a blind email address. What you need to do is create a dummy email at a service such as Yahoo! and respond using this new email address asking for more information about the company, the posters name, etc.

Once you receive this information then do your research. Get the URL and look up the contact information. Do a search on the names given. Call the company and confirm the posting. This is the least you can do to protect yourself!

What can happen if you do not follow the above suggestions?

  • Your email account could be used in harvesting for spam and then you'll never get back again.
  • Your private information could be used in a scam.
  • Some creep could get your home address and harass you.
  • You could be implicated in some crime.
  • You could be subject to credit card or identification fraud.

Protect your identity and do not openly answer blind listings no matter where they're posted or who gives you the information. Do you homework and please your own curiosity for your own safety.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Northern California Beaches

Listening to: Boys Don't Cry by The Cure

Many of you think that living in California is always hot and sunny. Well, it simply isn't true. I love the Northern California beaches because they're not hot and sticky like some of the others in the southern part of the state.

Where I'm from the beaches are usually cold and foggy. The fog rolls in through the summer and it's always windy. The water is cold, maybe around 60 to 66 degrees. It's not the place to plop down in a bikini and get a tan.

It is, however, home to me. I love going out to the beach with a blanket, firewood, a ton of candle wax, matches, hotdogs and marshmallows, and other goodies. Making fires is kind of hard because of the spray, fog, and wind but once you have it going it's golden. We would melt the wax in a pot and then pour it into holes in the sand to make sand candles. It was a lot of fun.

Then as an adult, my friends and I would go out to the beach for small parties. It wasn't a fun trip though because the path out there is a big, windy road where you think you'll fall over the edge if you drive too fast. Scary.

We'd get together and stay until midnight or so. You couldn't stay too late because you never knew when the tide was going to be too high and that's just too dangerous. Plus, my beautiful beaches had sharks which made it hard to do anything. The undertow was too great to just stand there, although it feels really good pulling under your feet when you're standing there in the more shallow areas.

I love to sit back and listen to tapes of the ocean and seagulls because it brings me back home.

I'd go back in a second if I could.

Tornadoes in Sunnyvale, California?

Currently I'm listening to: Lovesong [extended mix] by The Cure

Why yes there was! I remember walking outside to pick up my son from school and just staring at the unusual clouds. Living in California all my life, I had never seen anything like it. Then I went to his school and noticed there was mud everywhere, trash and upside down trash cans and tree branches littered the sidewalks. All the windows in the Kindergarten had imploded. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

The twister in this picture ripped right down the same street their school was on. It was both a frightening and exciting time. I mean, come on, this was Sunnyvale, California - we didn't get tornadoes!

Images of the tornadoes.

FBI Guys

So, I just posted a note to the FBI about the scammer and then I had to ask:

Do the guys really wearing long black coats and suits?

I couldn't help myself. LOL I just think that's the hottest thing - a guy with a black suit, black gloves, a long black jacket, and a gun. Yum. Throw some black eyeliner on and you have a great looking idea for a good new wave/post punk band.

Am I crazy or what?

Money Laundering Scumbag

Don't let this scumbag fool you. If you ever receive a message like the one below then get the full message information including the headers of the email and send a message to the fbi and to the email of the Internet provider who allowed the message to go through their mail system. If there is a real company with this information then please alert the company as well. No respecting company will allow other people to handle their cash.

In fact, I believe a woman who did this has to serve time or probation. Sure, she unknowingly did it, but she should have used COMMON SENSE. I feel for her, I really do. It's very sad. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

DO NOT RESPOND TO THE MESSAGE BELOW. They are trying to get you to accept checks for God only knows what and when they get busted you're the one who has handled the money.

By the header information it looks like he was able to hack into a webmail account from and send out the message. I'm sure this really isn't ktwalter's account unless ktwalter is a crook.


I can't stress this enough.


Received: from ([])
by (Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2-8.04 (built Feb 28
2007)) with ESMTP id <>; Sun,
29 Jul 2007 09:06:55 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ( [])
by (Xserve/smtpin11/MantshX 4.0) with ESMTP id l6TG6jEO017666; Sun,
29 Jul 2007 09:06:46 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ([])
by (InterMail vM. 201-2186-121-102-20070209)
with ESMTP id
<>; Sun,
29 Jul 2007 12:06:44 -0400
Received: from fed1wml19 ([]) by with bizsmtp
id VU6k1X0010shXeL0000000; Sun, 29 Jul 2007 12:06:44 -0400
Received: from by; Sun,
29 Jul 2007 12:06:43 -0400
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 12:06:44 -0400
From: Mr Chen Hoe
Subject: Job Opportunity
Message-id: <29018632.1185725204308.JavaMail.root@fed1wml19>
MIME-version: 1.0
Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Sensitivity: Normal
X-Brightmail-Tracker: AAAAAA==
X-Brightmail-scanned: yes
X-SA-USERIDNR: 3415994
Received-SPF: none( does not designate permitted sender hosts)

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is my pleasure to write you in respect of our Company Wujiang
Textile Co., Ltd.
We are experts in the sale of Textile materials; we
export into the Canada/America and parts Europe.
We are searching for representatives who can help us establish a medium
getting our funds from our customers.Please if interested in
transacting business in view helpings us,foward
to us
your details.

Kindest Regards,
Mr.chen hoe

Friday, July 27, 2007

Racist People - Grow Up It's 2007!

A black football player proposed to a white cheerleader during a game the other night and now he's getting threats. Read about it here.

What is it with the racist people in this country? Aren't we beyond all that now? I mean come on, it's 2007 and by now science has proven to you that we've all come from the same place yet you're still acting immature and uneducated. Haven't you learned from all the death and despair from all the fighting in the Middle East that racism just isn't worth it?

People are people. Period. It's what is inside that counts. It's what is in the heart and the soul that matters.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Be a Bag-a-holic

I admit it, I'm addicted to handbags. I actually have a couple of Gucci bags, one or two Dooney bags, and even a Louis Vuitton backpack. So, was I excited to hear about this contest!

Bag Borrow or Steal is a handbag lending program. Because these bags can be so very expensive, they've created a program where you can lease the bag for a small monthly cost. Those who are addicted to expensive handbags know these puppies aren't cheap and can run anywhere from $300.00 to $5,000.00 for a purse.

The company is currently running a program where you can make a YouTube video explaining why you're the perfect bagaholic. If you win you'll get to try out the hottest bags and blog about them.


Check it out here.

Movie Review: The Number 23

Although the movie started out slow, the ending progressed rather well. It was a typical plot with an ending that was refreshing and surprising.

I can't really say much about it because anything I do say will give the whole thing away. The idea of having a number following you around is kind of creepy though. I seem to think that with the number 22, but it is just a coincidence ;-)

I wouldn't rent it again because once the mystery is solved then you already know what happened and unless there is some fantastic sci-fi or magic in the movie then watching it all over again doesn't interest me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't Bother Calling AT&T

I tried to call to find out the last few calls my son had made. First they put me on with this terrible machine. It asked the same questions over and over again and then when I tried to get anywhere it kept on routing me to the billing department even though my bill isn't late.

I wish they'd get a clue and stop using that annoying service. Contacting them via email is even worse because you just get another bot over and over again until you're going out of your mind.

I think I'll signup for VoIP and cable Internet services now.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Scammer Claiming to be from Ashley Furniture

These people will stoop so low to try and get people to launder money for them.

DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS JOB. If you ever receive anything like this in your email the CALL the corporate number for information.

A company like Ashley Furniture would NEVER handle business transactions this way. In fact, if you ever see something in your email like this then it needs to be sent to the real company AND to the FBI.


****************** THIS IS A SCAM - DO NOT APPLY **************************

Dear Applicant,

We got your resume and your application for the job of Accounts Receivable Position as posted on Job Section under ( work at home/Business & Mgt Jobs).

Our HR Managers have gone through your resume and due to some certain factors you have been picked as one of our possible candidate suitable for the Job listing.

ASHLEY FURNITURE COMPANY is a well established Manufacturing Firm,That delivers delivering high quality precision furnitures products to some of the largest and
best known companies in far back Asia ,the Regions Of America and Rest of the world for a long time. You will find our high quality furnitures in the BEST products on the market today.

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************
We serve the entire United States and a growing export market,particularly in the supplies of selected products. Superior products including Sofas & Loveseats,Bedding Ensembles, Chairs & Ottomans. Your primary task for now , as a representative of the company is to coordinate payments from customers and help us with the payment process.You are not involved in any sales. Once orders are received and sorted we deliver the product to a customer. After this has been done the customer has to pay for the products but in most cases we make our clients prepay for orders or items they order for.

About 90 percent of our customers prefer to pay through Certified Checks or Money Orders drawn from the United State based on the amount involved.
We have decided to open this new contract -to-hire job position for solving this problem.

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

Your First Primary task(Collection of Payments):

1. Receive payment from our Customers or Clients.

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

2. Cash Payment at your Bank or any cashing facilities near you.
3. Deduct 10 % which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.
*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to, You'll have a lot of free time doing another job, because this job is part time, you'll get good income.But this job is very challenging and you should understand it. We are considering your application because you satisfy our requirements and we are sure you will be an earnest assistant till we start running our branch office in your state.

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

Get back to us with information below information , so that we can add your mailing address to our Regional database and forward it to our customers for them to send payments.

First name...................
Middle name..................
Last name....................
Address Line 1...............
Address Line 2...............
Zip/Postal code..............
Marital Status...............
Home phone...................
Cell phone...................

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************
*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************


*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

Your response to this email is needed , so that we can reconfirm your mailing address details we have in our database.

We will be updating you as soon as the payment is being sent to you and you will be directed as to where to have the remaining 90% of the money sent to, after the deduction of your 10% pay on any payments received and processed by you.

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************
*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

A swift acknowledgement of the receipt of this email will be appreciated.

Thanks For Your Total Understanding.
Larry Gbabs,
Staffing and Recruiting Dept,
Regional Manager,
Email: career.ashleyfur

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

*************************** THIS IS A SCAM **************************

Time Out With My Son

Oh no. He's got me addicted! My son wanted me to play a game with him and I tried and now I'm addicted. Drasted flash games!

Try it here.

Did Microsoft Pay Them to Write This?

I really think I'm going to heave. I'm doing some research for a project and I came across this article for Bill Gates.

Holy cow. How much did Gates pay them to write this? Is this a secret ploy of Microsoft's to fund this company or is the guy who owns it just a major kiss butt to the Windows operating system?

The whole article just oozes with data that is completely overblown. If you read the other biographies at the site, they're just normal, fact building bla, but when you read this one you realize it just drips with brown nosing.


More on that bat...

So I come home from the dentist today and my son runs out of the bathroom and tells me there's a bat in our kitchen. In the middle of the day? I shudder to think of why a bat would be flying around my home in the middle of the day!

We wait it out and guess what comes flying out of the garbage can when we rattle it with a broom? A cute little fuzzy black bat. I think I screamed. I know I did. It's not because it's a bat. It's not because it's scary. It's not because the thing could possibly have rabies. It's because the darn thing is skittish and doesn't know where it's going in the light and flies right toward you until it realizes it just might hit something hard and flies away. I think it knows that you're terrified of it and it really just does it on purpose.

I corner the darn thing by waving a broom at it until it's in the broom pantry and the I shut the door. It flew around for awhile while I went outside to open the window. UGH. Just my luck, but the window wouldn't open from the outside so I had sneak through the room while it hid in the shadows and open the window then run and shut the door. Scary.

Finally, I get outside and take out the screen. The dumb creature flew around for awhile until it's flight pattern hit the open air and it flew away.

Yes, I probably should have left it in the room and called animal control, but I didn't want it escaping through the little crack in the door and I had no where else to put it. So, the first fun thing I get to do tomorrow morning is call the doctor to see if he thinks we all need rabies shots. Ugh.

I'm sitting here, awake at 2:30 in the morning and tempted to turn on the light just so the creepy little thing doesn't somehow get back into my home and haunt us again.

I just might scream and the nosey neighbor might call the police on me.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Movie Review: The Contractor

I really like Wesley Snipes but his latest movie was kind of a bore. Perhaps it was the addition of the little girl. There's nothing wrong with the girl--her acting was okay. The poor thing was just out of place.

Action movies that involve little kids just seem out-of-place. They're boring because you can't add all the good stuff that goes along with a good action.

Where was the guy's martial arts? One reason why I love watching him is for the martial art action and unless it was very dull, I didn't even notice if the film had any action at all except for a bunch of men in black suits running around looking for him. In fact, I was so bored that I don't even remember watching the whole thing and the horse at the end made me cry (it had nothing to do with the movie - okay?)

Would I rent it again? No. I'm not even interested enough to watch it again to watch the parts I missed. In fact, I stayed interested in The Transmorphers longer than I stayed to watch this movie and that's pretty sad.

I'm sorry Snipes, I just can't give you the normal yay or this one :-(

Sugar Rot in Teeth

Finally! Someone who admits that all carbohydrates rot teeth! In this article the author mentions a book by Tim Richardson that talks about sweets in other countries and how all carbs rot teeth.

Now, I don't know of Tim Richardson's credentials, but I have heard the theory before from others. When I mention it people push it aside and phooey my idea. I do know for a fact that when I'm on a low carb diet that my teeth do much better than on a low fat diet--with or without sugar sweets. I'm talking bread and pasta here.

Maybe I'm coming to something here. My teeth have always been in a state of pain one way or another. My roots are wacky and my teeth just don't numb. Going to the dentist is one of the most frightening experiences for me ever because no matter what I do, no matter how much I floss and how much I brush they've always found something. As I grew up my dentist told my mom that my teeth were bad from the inside out. I didn't eat a lot of sweets as a kid, but I did eat fruit and bread.

By the time I was old enough to make my own appointments I was too scared. Each time I went the problem would be so bad that my dentist would dismiss the notion that my teeth were just bad apples and tell me that more frequent dental appointments would save them. Ha! Save what? Their pocketbook?

First, I'm going back on low carb. Forget the bread market and all the sweet garbage that rots teeth. Next, I'm going to find out why all these dentists can't figure out ways to tell people how to avoid all this mess with your teeth. Yes, there are people out there like me who can't go near a potato without tooth pain or gaining weight.

Carb problems for some aren't a myth. My teeth and weight problem just prove it. It's all intertwined and it's something the medical profession ignores or hasn't put together yet. Maybe they just don't want to admit the food pyramid the U.S. government and their higher education schools put together is wrong after all.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Movie Review: Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush is about a high school kid who has a fetish about taking naked pictures of high school girls. Okay, it's not really a fetish--it's an art. When he gets caught his well-to-do dad gets him out of it and he's placed into a public school where he meets a girl with a talent for the cello. Supposedly she's dating this lawyer guy for his money and a free ticket into a music school. Unfortunately for the hero the guy is a little psycho is tries to kill him when she tries to frame him.

The story unfolds to the obvious. If I tell you what it is then you'll hate me. I'm sure you'll figure it out before the end as well. Unfortunately there really isn't an ended so it's not as obvious as you might think. It's sad, too, because there can't possibly be a sequel. At least I hope there isn't.

Would I rent it again? No way. Would I let my kids see it? Not with the nudity and almost sex scenes.

Why I moved back to blogger

Oh sigh. It's just one thing after another, isn't it? I moved my site back to blogger yet with my own domain because I realized that I don't want to be a tech anymore. I'm tired of fixing the latest and greatest thing without getting paid for it. When you're running your own blog software you have to worry about people breaking into it, spamming, etc. Ugh. Why not let the guys at blogger worry about the creeps who try to hack into the accounts?

So, it's here and it's one less thing I have to worry about. So there.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's Talk Document Security

How important is data security? Very! If you're not careful then you could be liable for a lot of illegal things going on at your computer. There are certain files that should always be kept secure with a special file lock and hidden in the darkest depths of your system. Bank account information, passwords, and especially important information about your family should be locked up. I have a feeling that most hackers are there for fun, but there are a handful who are there to do malicious and mean things to you. Please protect your machine! There are many tools used for protection that include firewalls, extra password security, tripwires, and more. What is going to protect your outgoing documents from email sniffers and interceptors such as snoopy office co-workers?

You can protect special documents by using SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP. We've been using zip for years, but this is a new method that will automatically protect files through email. By protecting your files, snoopers can't read the text that flies by when they read your data with packet sniffers. Ooooh, naughty!

Right now you can get a free trial of securezip by visiting Try it out and you'll feel more secure about what you do online.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movie Review Hard Luck

If you're into really strange and wacky movies then this one is for you. An ex-con cleans up his act and falls in love only to lose her in Katrina. He goes to a party with his friend only to end up in the same type of situation he was just trying to get out of. He ends up with a stripper at his side, $200,000 of marked bills, and a pair of really odd serial killers into some mad form of BDSM.

Personally, I really don't like Cybill Shepard as she's had some political statements that really irk me and her acting has never impressed me. Her part in this movie fits her and just possibly she's found a role that actually fits her.

Wesley Snipes is just as good as ever. I think I've enjoyed everything he's ever been in that I've seen. He plays the poor, pathetic ex-con just as good as an psychotic gang leader or a martial arts hero on a plane. In this movie he's kind of sweet yet still has a little bit of that bad boy persona. It fits him well.

Not a movie for kids. With the exception of the stripper bar and the psychos, there isn't too much nudity or sexual content. There are some jokes that will go above many heads over the age of eleven. Still, I wouldn't recommend it for the sensitive type because the acts of the serial killers would terrify anyone in their right minds.

Get it here:

Friday, April 20, 2007

MySQL and PHP vs. FileMaker

I've been pondering this for years. I'm very, very good at some things such as installing and hacking scripts. What I lack is the ability to create my own stuff. So, I've learned that the best way to learn php/mysql is to install the package on your machine so you can work with it locally and then play.

I was using FileMaker. FileMaker is a great database when you want the ease of use with pointing and clicking. It has a lot of easy-to-use built in functions and calculations that you can point and click to find.

What I found extremely difficult with FileMaker was creating difficult databases. I know it can be done, but with my knowledge of sql, it seems to be limited in some respect. Yes, it is a relational database engine, and yes, it can do some very great things but if you've learned on a different kind of relational system it just makes things difficult.

It is also very expensive. I can't imagine creating a package for a customer and then telling them that on top of the hourly amount they owe me that they now owe me another $700 for the database application plus a possible seat license. Yikes! Save that for the big guys like Oracle and Sybase (is Sybase still around?)

I'm sure that I can learn to create very nice applications from scratch using mysql and php. I just need to learn the php code a little better. Hacking and manipulating comes easy to me. It's putting it all together is what I need to work on and that's what I'm going to do with all my databases that I've created in FileMaker Pro. I'm tired of paying the obnoxious upgrade fee for FileMaker so here I go to the mysql world completely!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yes, we're still here

Our host was under attack and the hosting company is being lame about it.

We should be back up soon. I apologize for the delay.


Friday, March 30, 2007

There's a New Web Directory In Town

Have you ever done a search on something only to come up with more search results from other search engines? That has got to be the most frustrating thing in the world. It happens on blogs, Technorati, Google--everywhere!

The Big Web Links Bid Directory is a search engine based on placement bids. In this engine, the highest payer wins. It doesn't go by who gets the most hits or who has the best keywords, this is based on money. The minimum amount for a new listing at this moment is $29.90. By enforcing this payment system I hope that people who feed search engines into search engines will be eliminated. The directory is human edited so maybe we can get some links of quality for once.

With this service, you really do get what you pay for.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Name That Blog

Stop by and play Name That Blog.

Where Do You Get Your Sales Leads?

I've been working on the Internet for many years now and I can tell you that finding leads without breaking SPAM laws and other restrictions can be very difficult. You want your name out there, but you don't want your domain name or IP number banned from the systems where your customers will hear about you. What do you do?

You find a good lead system.

If you're selling a product then you need some method of creating sales leads and a way to track these leads. AIMpromote gives you the perfect sales lead management program for your needs. As you can see in this chart, AIMpromote offers well over the minimum features that the competition leaves out and for a very low cost compared to the others.

AIMpromote offers a free, full-featured 14-day trial so you can test the system for your needs. This includes not only using the system, but getting support for your lead generation tools produced by AIMpromote. I think that alone is worth the time checking out the trial.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Remeber - Snark the News Has a Domain Now

Snark the News has it's own domain now. I have to keep this one active until it's approved in a few places. Make sure you get your news from All the data is duplicated until this one is gone.


Casino Royale Review

Review for Casino Royale

I waited somewhat impatiently to watch Casino Royale. Seeing a new James Bond movie was the highlight of my day. It wasn't until I realized that the whole darn movie was a big lie.

The movie itself wasn't bad. The special affects were excellent and explosive. I loved it when the cars flew away in the wake of the airplane and I think I cried in pain when Bond rolled his beautiful car.

Daniel Craig playing as James Bond grew on you, and by the end of the movie he was downright gorgeous. It didn't help to see him butt naked and tied to a chair. That body is just to die for. Unfortunately, to me he just wasn't suave and sassy like Brosnan and Connery.

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd did have me fooled for I could never tell if she was serious or not. I'm sure I'll need to watch it again to pick up on the detail, but it annoys me that the reason for her betrayal wasn't even brought into the picture until later.

A good percentage of the movie was that God awful poker game and if the bad guy Le Ciffre played by Mads Mikkelsen didn't have that grotesque eye bleeding and oozing all over the place I might have just fast forwarded it to the next exciting scene. His eye was pretty gruesome and matched his wretched personality.

M played of course by Judi Dench, was typical and bitchy to be expected. Not to harp on the age of Judi Dench, but it just seems all backwards after watching Bond for years to see M older than before. Which brings me to my biggest gripe of all:

James Bond is a sixties cold war hero. He is not a Y2K terrorist spy. Had the movie continued into the future and made him into a terrorist spy of today then maybe the plot would have worked out. I'm sorry lovers of the MI5 of today, but James Bond is your original spy guy and just dropping him into 2006 just doesn't cut it.

The movie would have been better as a new spy for a new era.

My podcast for this review should be up soon.

Drug Rehab - This is No Snark

As I snark a lot on news of people who are addicted to drugs, it doesn't mean I don't love them any less. In fact, I think a place like drug rehab could help out quite a bit. Drugs are a big problem and my personal opinion is that if someone feels they don't have a drug problem yet drugs seem to be a big part of their life, then they really do.

I've had responses to some of the snarks from people who support the things some of the drug runners and takers do. These people will remain anonymous, and in fact, I've already tossed their information because I don't want it on my system and I don't want any legal problems.

I don't agree with what they've said and I think they help. Hopefully they're reading this.

There are so many things that people have to offer and unfortunately drugs cloud that personality in both the addict's mind and in the mind of people who do not know them. It only takes just an acknowledgment of the problem and then the right treatment to get you started so others can take you seriously.

I know, because I have had friends who have had their minds clouded by drug use. There was a woman here who died recently from a drug overdose. I didn't know her personally, but I do know her daughter. The poor little girl has lost her mother and there is nothing to bring her back. That is a terrible tragedy.

A drug problem ruins relationships. It destroys your finances. It is terrible for your children. It can kill you. It's time people who are addicted begin thinking of others for a change. will help find the right program for your needs. It's a referral service that can direct you to thousands of rehab programs.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Snark the News is Updated

From men sticking to their roofs to unicorns crashing trucks into light posts, you can get the offbeat commentary here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We're Moving

All posts will be transferred to

After I realized that having my site on blogger did nothing for my Alexa stats, and even worse bad reviews for other blogs were posted to my stats because they're all lumped under blogspot, I've decided to move the site to its own domain. It's best for everyone.

I will post updates here for the new blog until it's all rolled over.

Now I have to get back to this dead database I'm working on. Bye.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Shopping Duck

Oooh what a treat! The owner of Work at Home Musings, another shopping/discount blog, has a new site called The Shopping Duck. I love shopping and discounts make the deal even sweeter! There are all kinds of coupons and deals on this site, enough to fill your house with goodies and food. Visit The Shopping Duck for freebies and great shopping discounts.

The design of the site is really nice. I just wish I had the time to do something as nice.

Great Freebies Site

Are you looking for something for nothing? Looking for something free? Freebies - Best Free Stuff on the Net has what you want.

This site has a plethora of free stuff links available for free--from games to family tree websites. In fact, because of this site I just found a great site for auctions. Some of the auction deals look a little too hard to believe because they seem extremely cheap, but a growing site is a growing site.

Stop by and see what free links you can pick up today.

Don't Get Caught With Your Fly Down in Wisconsin

This guy in Sheboygan, Wisconsin was caught with his fly open. No, he wasn't arrested for indecent exposure, but when the cops found him with his fly open they suspected drugs were hidden in his pants--and they were right!

Hey, is that a Cheech and Chong special, or are you just happy to see me?

Or wait...

Did he think he was sitting on the pot?

Ooh, come up with some good phrases for this guy.

Show Respect - No Urinating in the Cemetary!

A Gerry Edwards, a news reporter was caught urinating in a cemetery while covering the funeral of 23-year-old Sgt. James Musack.

Looks like Gerry Edwards should have been covering something else!

Show some respect, Mr. Edwards. This is a funeral for one of our soldiers.

There's a Werewolf in Wisconsin

I'm beginning to wonder about the people in the state of Wisconsin. In Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin this nice woman allowed this ex-convict to stay in her home because he was homeless. He then broke in to her home and grabbed her. What was his excuse? He told her he was a shapeshifting werewolf.

Oh my. Right on a full moon, too!

Bank Robbed By Torch

One would think we lived in the middle ages. An unidentified man robbed a bank with a torch and threatened to set people and the bank on fire. He got away with some cash and they found the torch outside the bank.

Crooks are getting real creative now. Next they'll tell you they're going to pound you with a mace. For those who are not geeks and do not read or play fantasy books and games, a mace is a spiked ball on a chain. I think I'd be more afraid of a swinging mace than fire without an accelerant.

Burglar Calls Police to Help Break In Church

I should just start a new category for stupid burglar tricks. This guy was busted trying to break into a catholic church. He called the police and told them he was supposed to be able to get in. He was trying to break down the door with a shovel.

He also willingly told them he was carrying drugs and about the stash at his home. He even invited them to go see it.

If we think of dope when we think of this guy, are we thinking drugs or stupidity?

Today's Report

Oh the strange news sounds good today. I can't wait to get started.

On the other note, I've been trying to sync my Palm Treo that I bought used with my iMac using Mark Space Missing Link. Grrr. It was working yet now it's timing out.

Why did I buy a Palm Treo? Because I need to read manuscript submissions, I need a cell phone, I need organization in my life, and I need an mp3 player. Supposedly the Treo can do all that. The 650 was the last one without the Windows operating system and we all know how I loathe Windows.

Bad Palm. Bad!

Will I get a new Apple iPhone? Are you kidding? I can't afford a new iPhone! Plus Cingular does not have service in my area. Maybe someday. I don't think they're even out yet.

Anyway, on to the news so I can get to work.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do you VoIP?

Do you VoIP? I do. If you're not familiar with the term VoIP it means Voice Over Internet Protocol. No, it doesn't mean voice over Internet phone. It is a way to save major money on your long distance by using the Internet to call others.

Sign up for Vonage today! By signing up you can begin calling people at unbelievable rates. There's even a way to connect a handset to your computer so it looks and feels like a terrestrial land line. I personally use my chat headphones because they're already there, but do what is comfortable for you.

Since I work from where I am I can take my travel headset and my Apple iBook on the road to any wi-fi coffee shop and make calls to my clients and customers. How cool is that? I don't have to be tied down to a cable to do anything! My travel headset is Bluetooth so the deal is even sweeter. It costs less than calling from my cell during my peak hours!

If you're already a member of Vonage, I suggest using their forums. It's a community where you can chat with others who use the service and you can get answers to your questions.

Vonage VoIP Forum
Vonage VoIP Forum

Racism - It's a Bad Thing

My blogger friend brought up a great point in a blog which brought up some nags about what my children have learned from friends at school.

I grew up in Northern California where people of all races live. The specific area I grew up in was predominately white, but the surrounding areas were not so when you get into the higher grades you blend in with others. I don't remember anyone really being racist when I was in high school. I don't even remember it in elementary school. People were people. Maybe it's the way my mother taught me and I just didn't listen to others. I don't know.

So it was a horrid surprise one day when one of my children came home and said something about Jewish people. I was in total shock because I've always taught them to respect others. I had to sit him down and explain a few things again.

Then a few weeks later my younger one came home and said something about "darker" people. I had to sit him down and explain a few things, again.

These were racist comments they learned from people at school. I wish this area would grow up a little bit and realize that people are people no matter what color, religion, gender, etc. If most of the people here who claim to be Christian really acted like it then they wouldn't be saying the things they do.

It didn't help having terrorists doing the terrible things they do to citizens and when I hear my kids says things about people in other countries because of things they've heard in school I then have to explain that it is the individual person that causes the problem and when groups of these people get together all hell breaks loose. I have to explain that certain types of government that hinder their people's efforts are because of the governments and not the people and they shouldn't be angry at the people who are repressed by their so-called leaders.

People just don't realize how good they have it living here, yet they continue to beat down their fellow Americans and the people of nations who have little control over what their leaders do. I just want my kids to think differently than others.

Okay, I'm done rambling. :-)

My Recent eBay Purchase - fake Apple Airport

Yeah, I said I'd never use eBay again after they told me I owed them $3,000 and refused to remove the charges the correct way, oh, and after begging them for a few months to do so. Check the archives for that nightmare!

Now here is why I continue to dislike eBay. I bought a wireless card that claimed to be an original Apple Airport card. This card is needed for the original white iBook. When I received the card it didn't have the logo. Bad news. I emailed the guy and he claims that it is made by the same manufacturer, which is what the ad says. He claims that it says the card doesn't not have the Apple sticker on it. Um, I didn't see that and I read it a few times.

So, I'll try it and see what happens. The card wasn't that expensive, but I could have bought a used Apple logo one for just a little bit more.

Speaking of Apple

If you use the Mac, and even if you don't, be sure to head over to my Mac blog at

Yeah, it's a strange name, but if you really know your Mac trivia you'll know what moof means.

What was it like working for Apple? Well, let's just say it was more fun than living in a college dorm ;-) Seriously, the people were wonderful, the work was fun, the technology was incredible, and the campus was to die for.

Do I really have only Macs? Well, I did buy this one pc thing at a garage sale for $10.00 so I could do a testing job for a friend. The piece of junk kept losing it's wireless though so I had to put it away. It now sits in the corner of the room sulking and all alone. No one touches it. For the price, it was a very good machine considering what it was. Now it's lonely.

Poor PC. Awww, let's all feel sorry for it. I'm sure it looks up once in a great while and shakes it head and the much faster Intel iMac that shines in all its glory and getting all the attention.

Do yourself a favor and buy a Mac because once you have Mac you'll never go back. Oh, and please don't tell me you hate Macs because if that's the case you probably haven't used one in 20 years and you're comparing it to your new machine. Duh.

What to Name the iPhone - Cingular or att

Everyone knows I'm an Apple fanatic. Heck, I've even worked there. So when I found out that Apple was coming out with a cell phone I was very excited. My excited pretty much went to mulch when I found out that I have a two year contract with a competitor and they're going with Cingular. I originally didn't go with Cingular because there are no plans available in the sticks where I live. Now I'm just mad. :/

It seems that Apple has a dilemma though. Wirefly reports that Cingular is possibly changing its name back to at&t. At least the ads say "Cingular is now The new AT&T cell phone as shown in on the Cingular badge here. Will Apple need to change all of their information to support this change?

I don't think so. First, I don't believe at&t will change the name--at least I hope they don't. Cingular has a presence and a logo which makes it a really bad idea for anyone to change their name. People know the little X guy logo.

Second, will it affect Apple? No way. It doesn't matter where Apple brings its business. The company is popular enough and its logo is known enough for anyone to recognize it anywhere. It won't hurt the sales of the company. What it might hurt is if there are phones in production with the Cingular name printed on the phone and at&t demands the name be changed. Then Apple will need to rebrand the phones, which would cost them money.

Am I going to switch to Cingular when the iPhone comes out? No, because it's not in my area. I'm sure that most people can. If you're not sure if you are able to switch, try the zip code search at Wirefly and they'll let you know right away. Then send me a picture of your new iPhone and make me jealous.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Princess Lady Aeval
Originally uploaded by theladyboo.
Oops, I already had some of my new favorite wine. Sorry. Didn't wait for you.

What's that thing on my head? I have to put it on for my kids to listen to me. Riiiiight. It's delusions of what once was when I was younger? Nah. OK, OK, I just like to be pampered once in awhile. Is that a crime? :-)

Naked Workouts

What's worse than lying in the previous gym user's sweat when you work out? Why, lying in the previous naked gym member's sweat.

I can't even imagine what it is like to watch naked people work out and lift weights, but these photographers and journalists do. Fitworld, a gym in the Netherlands owned by Patrick de Man, allows members to work out in the nude. Last Sunday, however, the clients weren't so pleased to find their birthday suits the center of media attention.

Blech. No thank you. Besides, I'd hate to be a guy working out naked and suddenly a weight drops in front of me. Ooooh, owwww!

Be Free of Lemons with

I wish my ex had viewed the Lemon Free Used Cars For Sale classified car site before he bought the car he gave me. The darn thing has major shock problems and rust issues. Of course we do live in Wisconsin so it's hard to find a good used car without the rust.

When I looked at this site I think I died and went to heaven. I'm a Camaro nut so when I looked at the Camaro ads I went nuts. Please don't think I would ever drive one of these beauties in this state. Nope. The darn place would destroy the car.

I'm wondering if I should list my other car because there are so many choices in the listing area. I could really describe the car without having to remember all the details because they're right there in front of me.

What I really want is a BMW 3 Series. Now that would be a really nice car to have. I can view the price ranges available in different areas and even check the VIN number with CarFAX. They make it nice and easy so you don't buy a lemon.

Visit the site to see all the different features. It's a great opportunity to search for the car you need.

Smooth, Tangy, and So Me

I'm drinking a pleasant glass of Barefoot Cellars Barefoot California Cabernet Sauvignon.

My doctor told me I should be drinking 1 glass of red wine per day so today I started with Barefoot. What caught my eye about this label? I loved the logo. Being a beach bum, I loved the idea.

I can't say I'm disappointed. It's not as strong as I'm used to, which is probably a good thing considering I'm just drinking it per doctor's orders. The color is deep red and beautiful. You can tell it's not old because of the coloring.

I'm not a professional wine taster, but I can tell you the bouquet is berry rich. It's not too over powering and it's quite smooth with a little pinch.

It was certainly tastey with my stew tonight! No, in a glass. OK, I did put some in while browning the meat, but I'm talking about the glass here. It was a little bitter, but not so bad that it made me purse my lips, as do some of the wines. I have no idea if that's good or bad.

Yes, I will buy it again.

Visit Barefoot Cellars here.

Can the Government Predict Your Intentions?

Not yet, but German scientists say they can. They've hooked up participants who are unknowingly helping them figure out how to predict their intentions. Scary stuff if you ask me.

I'm not into committing crimes or hurting people, and I'm sure there are many people who would be caught who should be through this method, but what about those who might intend to do something but decide against it because of moral reasons? Will they be busted even before the crime is committed? It reminds me of that Tom Cruise movie that came out a few years ago.

Who is to say that anything is accurate anyway?

I think the whole thing is downright scary.

Read about it here.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's the Time of Year to Buy Sandals

By looking at the freezing weather we're having here you'd have no idea that it's time to go out and buy your summer shoes. It's a good time to get started though. By the time you know it, all the great styles will be gone and you'll be left with the funky pink wedgie sandals.

Why not start shopping for reef sandals online? Being a natural California girl, I started looking at the selection and I already have mine picked out. My favorite pair are the Women's Rainbow Sandals - Hemp - Natural ones. They're classy and look like they'll go with just about anything.

I Had to Go Wii This Morning

My son decided he wanted a Wii of his own. For the past two weeks we've been trying to buy him one. Unfortunately, they're either all sold out by the time we call or the truck doesn't have a shipment. So today he woke me up at 5:45 AM so I could go sit in the sub zero temperatures with my youngest son and wait until Target hands out tickets to come back when the store opens to buy the Wii.


We get there at about 6:30 and sit in the parking lot with the heater on until 6:45 when people start lining up. We're padded in jackets and blankets (remember, this is Wiscosin in early March) and chatting with the friendly people waiting with us.

At 7:10 the store manager and an employee come out. They have 8 tickets and there are about twelve people waiting. We were number 5 so the wait was worth it. Off we go to McDonald's to buy a few steak and egg biscuits to celebrate. I wanted Starbucks!

We came back at 8:00 AM and bought a few games, the Wii, and a remote (controller) for me. Fortunately my son will pay me back next week for his games and the console because I just cannot afford it.

Was it worth the wait? YES! The Wii is a Nintendo fanatic's dream. It's also great exercise! Instead of sitting on your rear pressing buttons you get up and move with the wireless remote. You can actually play tennis with the computer and move around like you're playing. You play pool like you're playing. I believe there is even a fitness program that I will not try until my kids are back in school next week.

The best part is that I can play all the games I loved to play when I was a kid! Yes, that's right. If you owned an Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or a Super Nintendo (SNES) in the 80s and 90s then you'll be happy to know that all your favorites are there. I think you can play Sega games as well.

Do I recommend a Wii? YES!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Want Some Liver With a Side of Head?

This poor couple went to open a package and instead of finding some neat gadget, they found a human liver. The second package contained a human head. Sources say they noticed the ear and decided to contact someone, I supposed the police because the article doesn't say.

The package which came from China was supposed to be delivered to a lab.

Peeping Tom Landlord

Oh my, Patrick Kaiser, a landlord in New York, was busted for putting cameras inside the apartments of his tenants so he can spy on them doing things like having sex. Very scary. He was so desperate he even put one in an alarm clock!

Have you checked your vents lately? :-)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dogs Can Detect Mold For You

A few years ago we lived in the most sickening apartment. In the middle of winter the walls and window trim would mold over and the ceilings would leak. No amount of bleach could ever put an end to it. We complained about it to the old managers and the new ones, but unfortunately I bet they thought the problem was worse than they could afford because they refused to fix it!

Had we lived in New Jersey and they used the Pennsylvania Mold Inspector I bet it wouldn't have become too much of a problem for these apartment owners. They could have nipped it in the butt before the neighbor's child got sick (yes, she really did, it was very sad.) The scary part is, anyone can get sick from mold.

What's really neat is that the company uses dogs to find the mold inside the walls. I'm hoping the wall barrier protects the dogs from any mold spore disease.