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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dogs Can Detect Mold For You

A few years ago we lived in the most sickening apartment. In the middle of winter the walls and window trim would mold over and the ceilings would leak. No amount of bleach could ever put an end to it. We complained about it to the old managers and the new ones, but unfortunately I bet they thought the problem was worse than they could afford because they refused to fix it!

Had we lived in New Jersey and they used the Pennsylvania Mold Inspector I bet it wouldn't have become too much of a problem for these apartment owners. They could have nipped it in the butt before the neighbor's child got sick (yes, she really did, it was very sad.) The scary part is, anyone can get sick from mold.

What's really neat is that the company uses dogs to find the mold inside the walls. I'm hoping the wall barrier protects the dogs from any mold spore disease.
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