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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Weather Here

Okay, so I'm down in the dumps. Dumps of snow that is! It's been snowing here like crazy for the past week. Isn't this supposed to be March? Where I'm from it's probably heating up to a good 65/70 this week and staying there until it hits 90 in May.

We went out and bought a Wii. Yes, we found one by chance. Then my son promised he'd pay me back on his next paycheck if I went back and bought one for his room. The poor kid. We drove all the away back to Target where they had the Wii and I had already put a large charge on my credit card so they were doing their protection thing and not letting me get anymore :-( He was so upset because now we can't find one anywhere.

I guess he'll just have to wait and play with the one we have until then. hee hee.
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