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Monday, March 05, 2007

Be Free of Lemons with

I wish my ex had viewed the Lemon Free Used Cars For Sale classified car site before he bought the car he gave me. The darn thing has major shock problems and rust issues. Of course we do live in Wisconsin so it's hard to find a good used car without the rust.

When I looked at this site I think I died and went to heaven. I'm a Camaro nut so when I looked at the Camaro ads I went nuts. Please don't think I would ever drive one of these beauties in this state. Nope. The darn place would destroy the car.

I'm wondering if I should list my other car because there are so many choices in the listing area. I could really describe the car without having to remember all the details because they're right there in front of me.

What I really want is a BMW 3 Series. Now that would be a really nice car to have. I can view the price ranges available in different areas and even check the VIN number with CarFAX. They make it nice and easy so you don't buy a lemon.

Visit the site to see all the different features. It's a great opportunity to search for the car you need.
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